Ocean Star

To Christina Dimari, the ocean star was the parable of her life.  When a starfish looses one of it’s limbs, it grows them back.  Christina’s starfish is her heart, and her memoir, Ocean Star, is her journey of recovering her heart’s broken pieces. 


Born into a horrifying and abusive childhood, Christina drew her strength and courage from the ocean.  The ocean star reminded her that, somehow, she could put the broken pieces of her life back together.  A dolphin pod was a symbol of hope, as she and her friends connected to form their own circle of protection, watching and walking with each other.  Essentially abandoned by her parents and on her own after her older sisters left for college, Christina tried everything from drugs and drinking to skipping high school and nearly becoming a hippie. 


When Christina met her Savior while at college, she embarked on a journey of dramatic healing.  He taught her to trust Him like she’d been able to trust no other; to lean on Him for her life and her future.  And then, over a span of many years, He brought her back to face her childhood scars.  Through Jesus, she was able to look at her life squarely, understand how it had bruised and shaped her, and finally, forgive and forget.  She tried to extend healing to her siblings, as they all coped with their past.  And then, Christina reached out to share her story of hope and healing with girls everywhere. 


Ocean Star reads like a gripping novel as we follow Christina’s path from hurt to healing.  While she neither dwells on her past nor tells it graphically, she also doesn’t skip lightly over the part of her story that so shaped her.  Ocean Star is a thrilling story of redemption, as God reached down, rescued and redeemed the broken pieces, then held Christina up to shine as a beacon for others.  

Age recommendation: 13+ 


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  • 1. Grace Bower  |  January 17, 2011 at 6:43 pm

    Lovely book review – did you know there is a youtube of her talk to girls at Biola university last year? Have you done the study yet? I have just posted her blessing on my fb page. If you want to connect I am Grace Bower at wisetolife dot com on fb. I saw your review and read through your blogs and was going to suggest incourage so I laughted when i saqw you were already connected! I am currently enjoying Suzanne Woods Fisher’s Amish fiction. I’m better at talking than writing so if you have a landline number you can message me and I will share a response to yur comments about not understanding how it is for those who have a hard life. I see you are from PA but don’t know where you are for college . I am in New Zealand and a day ahead and the opposite season!!. Blessings on you and your words – you might like to look up 37days dot com and find the erverb10 items.

  • 2. zebranae thompson  |  March 9, 2011 at 11:14 am

    wow really big fan my mom did your advice to your book i was in your sistuasion but now im free

  • 3. zebranae thompson  |  March 9, 2011 at 11:15 am

    so cool


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