How to Be a Hepburn in a Hilton World

How to Be a Hepburn in a Hilton Worldis a handbook on “the art of living with style, class, and grace.”  Fashions are always changing.  So are movie stars.  And so, it seems, are the social rules.  The result is a lot of confusion – and a lot of trend-setting by celebrities sacrificing anything and everything for fame.  So what’s a fun and intelligent girl to do?

Live life the classy way.  Live as an Audrey Heburn in a world run by Paris Hiltons.  Because despite the new norms or opinions, the timeless guidelines still apply.  So for smart and graceful women everywhere, Jordan Christy has reminded us of advice we may have forgotten – and how it applies to this crazy world.  She covers everything from relationships – work, romantic, and friendship – and clothes to hard work and words.  Chapter titles include “Keep Your Chin Up and Your Skirt Down”, “Less is More”, and “Have Your Cake and Eat It Too”. 

No matter what it may look like, Jordan shows as that guys still really want to pursue their girl.  She interviews them to prove it.  She gives tips for dressing fashionably but retaining our class and mystery.  She also writes about diet and speech (how about replacing some of those “I dunnos” for more intelligent conversation?), entertainment habits, and more. 

We’ve probably all heard this advice before.  But How to Be a Hepburn in a Hilton World is a needed and enchanting reminder.  It’s time we stop going along with the shameless girls in the tabloids and started reclaiming our dignity and respect, working for the things we want, and allowing guys to be guys and girls to be girls.  It’s having fun and living with traditional values and grace in a modern world.


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