I like to start in the middle.

So: I love color – bright, cheery splashes of it. I love singing, dancing, acting, and pretending I’m a musical theatre major. And I like to take random personality tests.

I make spoof exercise videos and have all sorts of lovely interior design ideas in my head that unfortunately stay there.  

I like to color and play with my little sister’s toys; I also love to read and consider the explosion of books in my bedroom absolutely necessary to function. I’m usually reading at least three books at once.

I’m learning to call myself an artist. (But don’t think that means I can draw: I can’t. Visual artistry is limited to scrapbooking, card-making and occasional graphic design.) I’m a writer. I live to tell stories: fiction stories, someone else’s true story, and sometimes stories about me. I also journal excessively: not because I think it’s lovely to have an old-fashioned journal and actually write in it (though I do), but more because I’ve learned that it’s a good survival practice to be able to untangle my thoughts and emotions through the end of my pen. I’m also very picky about my pens and what constitutes a good one. So far, a freebie from the doctor’s office is my winner.

I’m twenty. I’m a college student and I love it; I love the learning and the friends and being thrown in the air to celebrate a touchdown at football games. I’m a public relations major, which means that I get to use my creativity, people skills, and all sorts of different media to tell a client’s story well.

I’m not very good at keeping everything organized or remembering directions. I can’t walk in heels, which is unfortunate because I’m small. And I wish I was amazing at sewing and cooking and creating things with my hands – but I’m really not.

I don’t ride upside-down roller coasters.

I love the word whimsical.

I love writing letters – the snail mail kind that goes in a real mailbox with a real stamp and is delivered by a real postman.

But most of all, my life is the story of grace. (It’s even my middle name!) Everything I have is an undeserved gift, and the great focus of my life is to honor God with everything I am, and to love Him in return.

I fail a lot. And I want to be a lot more grateful than I am.

But God keeps offering me mercy, and stretches out His hand to pull me back up on my feet and help me try again.

My name is Megan, and welcome to my blog! I’m so glad you dropped by.


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