Things you should know about me if we’re gonna be BFFs

March 4, 2013 at 11:30 pm 2 comments


It’s spring break. This means I post again. This also means that we get a little bit of quirky after yesterday’s long post. Linking up today with Ashley, because it’s fun. 

| I am an undercover puppeteer. I give stuffed animals personalities and make them talk. See above (although this is Boo, who already has his own personality.)

| I hate making decisions. Okay, that’s not quite true. It just often takes me forever to make them. I usually prefer that someone else makes them if they are involved (say, where to go to dinner. Battled this with Gretchen the other day). I already have what I want: them. And I really don’t want to disappoint them with the food choice, etc. So we can go back and forth for awhile, until one of us breaks it and makes a decision. I will do so fairly quickly if I see they are equally indecisive and indifferent. But if they like making decisions, I happily let them. For big decisions, I obsess over making the wrong one. (Someone needs to learn to trust more.)

| I have a really bad habit of only cutting the ripped nail, not the rest of them at the same time to match.

| My dad was adopted, so obviously that gives me liberty to claim to be any ethnicity I want. Therefore, I’m Irish (because I have red hair and love green), Italian (let’s face it, pasta makes me really happy) and Czechoslovakian (because it sounds really cool). And German, because I actually am on my mother’s side.

| Thanks to my little sister, I’m regularly mistaken for a teen mom.

| I’m not engaged or married, but somehow that particular finger is the only one that feels comfortable with a ring on. It does make for some fun conversation starters, though.

| My favorite flowers are gerbera daisies. They are splashy and fun and there is no way you can look at them without smiling. See?


| My brain does not think in patterns. Ever. It bewilders me when other people’s brains do. Sometimes they even find patterns in my own life, which is really startling.

| I’m the first person you should call if you’re excited about something little and need someone else to be excited to. I get can be quite excited very easily.

| If you talk to me when I’m trying to wake up, I’ll wake up faster and happier. But lying cozily in bed with my pillow and not getting up is still one of my favorite things ever.

| It seems I am bit to trusting of my partner (or anyone who will dance with me, to be frank) when it comes to tricky dance moves such as lifts or dips. But I haven’t been let down yet! And I seriously love them.

| I belong in 1950s fashion.

| I don’t watch TV shows, even online, because I seem to never find time for them. Even when I’m in bed for a week with the flu.

| I’m a vegetarian. I do like mushrooms, too much onion is awful, and I hate grapefruit.

| As my friend Sam says, “If I were in kindergarten and drawing a picture of my best friend Megan, she would be wearing a green coat and a flower in her hair.” I’m almost always wearing at least one (if not both) of those.

| Total sucker for happy endings.

| If I don’t like the ending to something, I will rewrite it in my head. See above.

| I’m 5’3″, and my dad just referred to me as the “giant in the family” next to himself (over 6′). Only with my family – and my roommate – am I ever referred to as “tall”.

| My dreams for the next few years involve a city.

| I’m a fair-weather runner only who runs like a long-distance runner (slowly, consistently) but never, ever plans on running long distances.

| I’ve been known to sit down in the middle of a library or bookstore aisle with a book.

| I’m terrible at all sports, but I am not afraid of balls.

| I will leave a store if I can’t stand the lyrics to the music they are playing.

| Finally, I’m an external processor. This means I need to talk or write almost everything out. Sometimes with multiple people. It’s hard for internal processors to understand, but what this really means is that I often don’t understand what I’m thinking until I tell you. Occasionally, I need you to tell me.

Your turn! What are some fun things about you? 


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  • 1. Joanna  |  March 5, 2013 at 5:49 am

    Loved this, girl! 🙂 Make me feel close to you when we are thousands of miles away! Te iubesc, sora!

  • 2. overlapped  |  March 5, 2013 at 9:45 am

    What’s a few more zero’s to our distance? 😉 If we can be best friends from here to one place that starts with a T, we can do the same in another 🙂 Love you, darling.


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