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|| It’s my last first day of a school new year: my last August to pick a first-day-of-school outfit, last time to think how unfamiliar the new title – sophomore, junior, senior, whatever it was – feels to be wearing. But unlike many others, I’m not wailing at being a senior. I think it’s kind of cool, actually. I think it’s going to be a wonderful year of changes and surprises and hard work and friendships more tightly bonded and memories held dear. And here we go!

|| The process of packing, moving, unpacking, and cleaning has been overwhelming me this last week. But I now have decorations on my walls and I feel so much happier. Remind me next time that I should hang at least a few pictures and buy the flowers for my bedroom and the kitchen table before we worry about unpacking the dishes from their boxes. If it makes this much of a difference to me, I’m fine with paper plates for a little while.

|| I popped in my boss’s office to say hi and see if we could schedule a meeting for this week to start off my internship. The new intern was in her office, calendar open, as they were chatting. I poked my head in and Chris jumped up from her desk to give me a hug. “When you’ve been working here a year,” she told the other intern, Julia, “You’re arrival back merits an ‘Ahhhh!’ and a hug.”

And we talked about how wonderful and important this year is. With all the news surrounding Penn State recently, it’s up to the students to rally around and do what we can to continue to prove ourselves and contribute something good to the school’s reputation. And I get to help do this, I get to tell their stories to a much wider audience and such a critical time – how lucky am I?

|| This post from Abby: “Guion, it turns out, is the better homemaker. He is the champion gardener. He is the master chef. He is the kitchen sink doctor. And I am perfectly OK with him being all of these things. My femininity does not suffer a whit.”

Realizing that much as I want all those skills, much as I intend to learn and work and at least be competent…neither my worth nor my femininity suffer because I burnt the rice this weekend. And hopefully, my cooking, gardening, or fix-it skills will in no way make or break a marriage.

{although, hopefully no one will put my gardening efforts. I have the remarkable ability to kill almost all plants. While I adore fresh flowers and love enjoying someone else’s garden, I do not currently have any motivation whatsoever to put in the work to make mine. Besides, I’m in an apartment. Immediate and excellent excuse. Maybe I’ll live in apartments forever.}


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I hope you still dream love.

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