live, love, learn, summer

June 25, 2012 at 7:54 pm Leave a comment

This is my summer.

It’s back to the city where I first basked in my independence. It’s sitting in the lush Rittenhouse Square at lunchtime, listening to the birds chirp and the trucks clatter by and the boy playing guitar and singing, waiting for tips with his guitar case open.

It’s swimming in the pool with a little sister who doesn’t really mind getting wet anymore and who thinks it’s funny when I pretend her inner tube is a basketball net and bounce balls into it. And occasionally off her head.

It’s going on adventures with a changing cast of characters: missing Katie as my sidekick, taking on Philadelphia with my forever partner-in-crime, Melody, waiting on Jessina to hurry up and get back and missing the far-away friends and college pals. It’s exploring old and new places with Mike and meeting super fun PR contacts in Philly and even NYC.
It’s always wondering and always trying and always (seemingly) missing the balance of faith, family, friends.

It’s passing the homeless people on the streets and always wondering what my reaction should be. It’s sometimes giving, sometimes making eye contact, and sometimes passing by and always feeling awful.

It’s discovering that I’m allergic to a brand of sunscreen.

It’s being lucky enough to work two utterly fantastic internships and wondering when I’ll get that magic understanding of how to work as competently and excellently as my bosses in this profession. It’s crying when I can’t and trying to remind myself not to hate the learning when all I want is to be really good, to be helpful, to add value to he office this summer. It’s going round endlessly on that carousel of I-thought-I-learned-this-last-week?-guess-not as some days I exhilarate in the learning and some days I don’t quite.

It’s being glad the little sister doesn’t care that I have zero baseball and soccer skills, and doesn’t know enough to know that I have zero skills. We play anyway.

It’s celebrating the miracle of marriage with four very dear couples this summer.

It’s the wonderful, late-night conversations that make an imprint in your heart and a bookmark in your mind.

It’s people watching in the city. The way people use their clothes, accessories and bodies to present themselves is endlessly varying and fascinating.

It’s making plans and loving them.

And having no homework and loving it.

And being asked to do important things at work and loving it.

It’s getting up everyday at 6:45 and sleeping solidly till noon on weekends.

It’s the warm breeze across my face.

It’s the train delays and broken-down trains; riding six trains in two days and an unfortunate and violent episode of sickness.

And making memories, and grateful that it’s still only June.

What’s your summer?


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