The Good Women Project

March 22, 2012 at 12:58 am Leave a comment

You know that when Megan loses sleep to read (though it’s not that uncommon, actually) – it’s good. 

It’s also way more interesting than coding for the research I was supposed to be doing – but that is not the point.

Lovelies, I stumbled upon an absolute gem of a website today. And I want you to run, not walk (or whatever the online equivalent is) to check it out.

It’s called The Good Women Project.

Mission? “To restore a woman’s identity as God created her to be.”

Yes, that’s God’s job. A job only God can do. But we have a part to play, too: we can be teachable and eager to learn. We can offer our own stories and brokenness and redemption to show others the way. We can have a heart (okay, be flat-out, righteously furious) for the lies that have infiltrated our lives, our friends’ lives, and stolen so many good things from us. We can be honest and bold and passionate about living life as the bold and beautiful and godly women that He created us to be.

Because women today are in an identity crisis. There are conflicting opinions on what it means to be a woman, constant criticism and discouragement, and not enough older women to show us the ropes.

And that is the heart of this website. To have honest conversations (like I talked about in my last post!). To encourage and challenge each other and speak the truth and grace and healing and practical advice. To write about deep, needed, and sometimes painful issues that the twenty-and-thirty-something women face. To mentor each other. To affirm each other. To learn and to teach.

And some of the articles are just great fun.

So go read. Be blessed. And let me know your thoughts!


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