Oh, excuse me, June. I thought it was March.

March 17, 2012 at 4:14 pm 1 comment

Do not ask me how a college town in the middle of nowhere country/rural PA can feel like a beach – but it does.

It’s some perfect combination of weather and happiness. Replace palm trees with daffodils and add a whiff of salt spray if you can and you have it made.

The first ingredient required is, obviously, the weather. Must have hot sun and a steady, cool, gentle breeze.

Next, to contribute to the atmosphere, you must have thousands of people who have been sun-deprived and lots of girls desperate for some sort of tan. They will wear swimsuits and soak in the sun on beach towels spread on every available patch of lawn. This, too, contributes to the beachy sense.

The next ingredient required is a college town with lots of small shops squeezed together to be your boardwalk. Restaurants, ice cream and frozen yogurt places, and random T-shirt and sweatshirt shops are perfect. An amusement park would be an added bonus, but may be unrealistic. Bikers, however, are required.

Then, take thousands of happy people who want to continue the sun and fun of spring break. Hold outside summer parties with barbecues and lawn chairs and catch. There will be lots of girls in sundresses, and some people will decide that it’s the perfect time for a picnic.

Blast some summer music (you can never go wrong with the Beach Boys, however old they might be) and inflatable beach balls just because, top it off with a little bit of carefree spirit and a heaping tablespoon of laughter, and you have a recipe for a perfect, March beach day wherever you are!



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A safe place

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  • 1. singamelody  |  March 21, 2012 at 8:42 am

    Sounds kinda like every day here 😛


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