figuring out my life

October 17, 2011 at 3:04 pm 2 comments

is so overrated.

Yes, I’m supposed to be starting to think about my thesis and summer internships and, oh yeah, that last class I’m supposed to add for next semester.

I could also do my laundry, write a belated birthday note, or do a host of other things (including the epic amounts of work due tomorrow.)

But I’m not home to do some of them, and right now I just want to glory in this perfect fall day. Yesterday and today – bright, bright blue skies, the kind of heavenly purple-blue that only happens in the fall. Bright, warm, and yellow sunshine and a crisp breeze that likes to run around and run into you and remind you that it’s October.

Some of the trees are brilliantly red and orange {I love fall leaves}. Others haven’t gotten the memo that it’s fall yet.

And while I have been running hither thither and yon this afternoon, packing in work and preparing for my ballroom midterm and accidentally losing my laptop power cord (thank God it was still in the building lobby when I ran back two hours later), yesterday was one of those golden days where everything is perfect and time stands still.

For starters, I got to wear a fall-red shirt with a fall-neutral-green-corderoy skirt to church, and maybe decided that I really love that outfit.  I also went out to lunch afterwards with three friends (two new ones!) and that was yummy and great fun. And then two of us wandered around outside for awhile, wandered into the candy store (yes, we have a real candy store, and I’m the person who stands there and drools over the colors and fun of it all, not the actual candy), and then walked back to my apartment. But it was so pretty out. And I remembered that there is apparently a playground right behind my house that I hadn’t discovered yet. So we detoured and found the playground and I swung on the swings for a delightfully long time and my heart was happy.

Turns out that swings are also good places for good conversations.

And then it was back to my place for some more conversation and apples and generally letting life slow down.


Like running on the beach in white dresses with Jessina, singing under the stars with Jess – it was just another of those perfect moments that you hold in your heart, and look at and remember every so often and especially when life is crazy and stressful (like now). Precious.


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and she is indeed alive yes, i have a midterm for ballroom

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  • 1. Jessina  |  October 18, 2011 at 1:25 am

    “running hither and thither . . . packing in work and preparing for my ballroom midterm . . . ” haha, this made me laugh. a ballroom midterm? really?

    and so so so good to talk to you tonight, dear. love you!

  • 2. Annie  |  October 18, 2011 at 7:48 pm

    Beautiful, Megan. I think autumn is the perfect time to remember these moments of vibrancy, to set flame to our lives in the living of it.


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