why July feels more like January than January does

July 11, 2011 at 9:59 am 1 comment

Thankfully, I’m not talking about the weather. I will take the lazy and humid days of July over the bitter January weather any day.

But summer always feels more like New Year’s than January 1. I think it’s because I’ve spent all my life living on the school calendar, where a new year starts in September and ends in May. So I guess September should really be more new-year-ish, but the fact is that it’s these three (free?) months that hold most of my resolutions.

Without school to worry about, I turn my attention to everything I want to change or do or learn. I never quite manage all of it, of course. (For evidence, I present to you the Freshman-year-of-college scrapbook I planned to make last summer. I printed out all the pictures and scrapbooked my high school graduation. Wow.) And sometimes it takes, um, most of the summer for me to hit my stride and start making all these goals and resolutions.

But one thing I’m rarely lacking in is determination. Like Pippi Longstocking, I have great (if occasionally misplaced) faith in my ability to come out on top.

Want to know some of the goals for this summer?

– There’s the fitness goal, for starters. By this I mean intentionally working out three or four days a week, because I’m not taking summer dance classes and I don’t spend hours a day walking, like I sometimes do at my Big State University simply because it’s so massive. So, I am trying to run.

Let this be noted: I’m not much of a runner. I’ve never gotten that “runner’s high” and I’m not particularly fast and I can think of several ways I’d prefer to torture myself before I ran a marathon. Or a half. (I also need to listen to my iPod, whether that’s songs or a podcast, because otherwise I spend all forty minutes being a dancer and counting the beat of my footsteps. This means I spend forty minutes counting to eight, over and over and over and over again. It’s a pretty miserable way to work out, mentally).

BUT. Since I made this goal a few weeks ago, I have been doing rather well. I’m extremely proud of myself, and I’m running lots farther than I have over the last few years. Which may not be very far, but it’s still a huge improvement. (I’ve also discovered that running may or may not be a lot easier and more fun when I do not spend the entire time going up hills. Lightbulb moment.)

Other goals:

– handwriting. I would like to improve mine. It’s awful. Well, my cursive is pretty(ish?) but more or less unreadable, and my printing is just not pretty. I’ve printed off some practice sheets in the Italics style; we’ll see if I actually do this or improve. But it does need help.

– guitar. again. It’s been a goal for a while, but a good one! I haven’t really practiced since Christmas though…(gulp). I have a bit of re-learning to do. But I discovered that the fact that I’m first and foremost a vocalist does not really help me practice guitar. I already know how to sing the song, so I fumble around with the chords and just try to keep my voice sounding good. Which means I’m not actually paying much attention to the guitar as I play and it’s just terrible. New practicing strategy is in swing.

– books. loads that I want to read. The train ride has been immensely helpful in this.

– keeping in touch with friends. This is going decently well; phone calls and emails and letters are a beautiful thing. And I’m single-handedly keeping the post office in business again.

What about you? When do you tend to make goals? What sorts of things are you working towards?


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  • 1. Joanna  |  July 15, 2011 at 2:18 pm

    some of my summer goals:

    ~ paint room
    ~ memorize Psalm 150 and re-memorize Hebrews 12
    ~ learn metric system
    ~ complte my first quilt top
    ~ read lots of those books I’ve always meant to read 🙂


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