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There’s been a lot of change around here, and a lot of change coming up. In every meaning of the word.

For starters, there’s even been some small changes around here, my online dorm room. (Some people call their blogs their “online living room” or “kitchen table”. This is definitely a dorm room. A great mix of everything, uncoordinated designs and colors and cracker crumbs and real conversations). Note the new tabs at the top: a new “about me” section that is much more me-ish and more than two sentences, and a “best of” section. In case you want a quick survey of this blog.

And the book review section is gone, for now. I hadn’t updated it in about two years – and that was a hideous example of my regular reading list anyway. Maybe it will be back at some point, but I’m not making any promises.

And then there’s all the life changes going on: Big Sister will graduate soon, come home, move away to a Real Job. I’ll turn twenty, which sounds crazy to me because I’ve obviously spent the last eight years calling myself a teenager. I start my first Real Internship in three days. I expect to relish the experience of taking the train to and from the big city, but I’m praying that (a) no one finds me out as a little kid dressed up in mommy’s professional clothes and only pretending to know what she’s doing, and (b) that I won’t get lost in the Big City.

Speaking of internships, I have an interview for another on Monday – which meant I spent yesterday frantically shopping for that One Good Suit I need. And therefore changing clothes many, many times. (yes, I did just make that awful pun).

The goal didn’t seem impossibly high when first we set out: find a suit that fits my petite frame, works for my coloring, and is in stock!


We finally did find a pretty gray suit, after several fruitless hours at the mall.  Hurrah! Goal has been accomplished!

Wait: shoes.

Please, no.  You don’t know how hard I tried to convince my mother that my (only slightly beat-up) staple character shoes were acceptable. They resemble pumps, but they have a buckle! Which means I can walk in them, plus they fit. And I own them. Win-win-win, right?

Wrong, apparently. Though we almost had to settle for them – you know you’re in trouble when you’re in a shoe store nearly as big as your house and you find exactly one pair of possible shoes.

(I also may or may not have asked God, while frantically running up the aisles, “Did You know how impossible it would be to find shoes in a size 5 when you made me?!”  Yes, I was starting to lose it bit by then.  And having narrow heels and high arches – which means I slide out of every heel that is not strapped onto me – doesn’t help the selection. I blame my grandmother and dancing for that.)

But the shoes have been found. And the suit!

Though I still feel a bit like a kid playing dress-up and pretending…and I don’t like the mild shoulder pads that all jackets have.

Good thing I didn’t grow up in the ’80s! 😉


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i don’t want to fit you on a cross around my throat to be known is to be loved, and to be loved is to be known

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  • 1. Em  |  June 13, 2011 at 2:55 pm

    I love reading your blog. I feel like I find a friend every time I stop by. When I was reading your new “About” page I wanted to interject and say “me too!” “that is so great!” “I want to hear more about that!” and continue the conversation. I love how you express yourself. I identify with it so well and often you put to words exactly what I would like to say. So, I just wanted to say “hi” and thank you for sharing. 🙂


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