it’s in the simple things

May 14, 2011 at 11:35 pm 2 comments

lovely little things that are bringing me joy…

1| water. despite the fact that I have this terrible ability to forget to drink it (and thus wander around dehydrated rather often…), I love looking at it.  a rippling pool, a quiet puddle, the rolling and tumbling ocean waves – I love it. it is peaceful and beautiful.  and is there anything better than the smell of the air after a fresh rainfall?

2| my bedroom. I’ve missed the pink polka-dot curtains, the bright yellow walls, and the floor-to-ceiling bookshelf that is overflowing with “my very favorite” books.

3| a good pen

4| journals. I started journaling seriously about two and a half years ago, and have filled over ten precious books since then. Somehow my thoughts and prayers become untangled and smooth at the end of my pen. Give me some paper, ink, and time, and all will be right in my world once again. Or at least, I’ll be more at peace with the way things are. 

5| my phone. and texting, more specifically. as Annie says, “it shrinks the distance of hours into the distance between you and your phone.”

6| friends. friends that are so wonderful and beloved that you miss them. (I’m missing basically everyone right now: my college friends and my home friends, because I haven’t really had a chance to catch up with them yet). but it’s a wonderful thing to love people so much you miss them, isn’t it?

7| sara groves & jj heller. thank you, ladies, for putting into song both the struggles my heart doesn’t know how to articulate and the wonder of my Jesus and his blessings

8| song. music. the gift of my whole family being out of the house for a few hours, and me being able to sing as long and loud as I want without someone worrying that I have multiple personality disorder because I’m singing all five parts of I Feel Pretty at the same time. Or – more likely – someone getting annoyed that they can’t go anywhere to tune me out because I’m so very loud at the piano. And I just don’t stop. (Dad: “Is singing at the top of your lungs for two straight hours really good for your voice?” Me: “I don’t know.  But it sure is good for my soul!”)

9| dreams. and memories.

10| Paula Rinehart’s Strong Women, Soft Hearts.  It’s touching my heart even more than it did when I read it last year.

11| books. in general.

12| color. wouldn’t the world be terribly boring without color?

13| all the little ways – blogs, facebook, letters – that i can build & keep friendships.

what little things are making you smile?


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sisterhood i don’t want to fit you on a cross around my throat

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  • 1. Annie  |  May 15, 2011 at 12:55 am

    i love this list!

    re: no.3 – the importance of a good pen cannot be underestimated.

    thanks for the mention!

  • 2. singamelody  |  May 15, 2011 at 2:53 pm

    #8 = Very True 🙂

    What’s making me smile? The fact that it’s almost 3 in the afternoon, and I’m still in pajamas 😛

    Hehe, remember the time your phone texted me before you wrote anything 🙂 that makes me smile, too.


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