the end of sophomore shenanigans

May 9, 2011 at 7:48 pm 1 comment

I suppose it’s cheating to say this past week has been the craziest one of my life, and to simply leave it at that. 

It was finals week.  I volunteered at the Care for Aids textbook drive, and handed out free (awesome) t-shirts to students who generously donated three or more textbooks.  I was also paired with my friend Dan for Monday, which was very entertaining because Monday is mostly Publicity Day (who is ready to get rid of their books on the first day of finals?) – and Dan is a natural-born salesperson if I ever saw one.  He almost got an older man (professor?) walking by to donate textbooks, but as the man explained apologetically, “You couldn’t resell mine.  The equations have changed.”

I turned in my final paper for feature writing class.  You know it’s time to submit it when you’ve been staring at it and editing it so long and constantly that you can no longer tell if the words are even right-side up anymore when you try to read it again.

Tuesday, Renee and I went to Dana’s, drank tea, and watched Sense & Sensibility.  I’ve never seen the movie, but rather disliked the book because Marianne and I are basically the same person and I have always grieved her heartache over Willoughby – and the fact that she ends up with that old guy.  Thoroughly enjoyed the movie, but still wished that a repentent Willoughby would come back rather than her marrying Colonel Brandon.  (Dana: “But you don’t want her to end up with a cad!” “But….I want him to come back! And be reformed!”)

It also poured, which was appropriate because there was a great deal of rain in that movie.  We also decided that good things come to girls who run in the rain without umbrellas, because Marianne had a tendency to go walking, get drenched and/or sick/injured, and then have to be carried back to the house by some eligible young man. 

And Wednesday – Wednesday I pulled off something that you can only do in college. I still can’t believe we actually did it. 

My navs Bible study and I went to New York City to student rush a Broadway show.  This required me to reschedule my statistics exam for 7:30 a.m. (it was in a computer lab/testing center, so you could schedule the time slot and that was the earliest), take it, and then jump into Melanie’s car basically as soon as it was over.  We drove into Newark, took the train into NYC, and picked up Kelsey (who was done finals, and had packed up and gone home the day before) at the bus station. 

But the train and bus were both delayed, so we didn’t really get there until 1:30.  We still had to pick a show, walk to the theatre, pray they had tickets left – and we had 30 minutes until curtain.  Go.

We hastily decided: Wicked didn’t offer student rush tickets; that was a lottery which we’d already missed.  Out of the question.  Phantom didn’t offer rush tickets either, but you could buy cheap tickets for the back two rows.  No, as long as we were going to see a Broadway show, Melanie would like to actually see it.  Anything Goes or Memphis?  The latter was a show Melanie had randomly read the synopsis of this morning: white DJ falls in love with black singer in the 1950s.  Sounds cute.  We knew absolutely nothing about it, except that it had won some Tonys.  Well, this was already a spontaneous trip – why not go with the show we knew nothing about?

I still can’t believe we actually pulled it off.  We got to the theatre with about five minutes to go, and miraculously, they still had five student rush tickets to sell.  And the show itself was wonderfully fantastic.  It didn’t end in quite the happily-ever-after way we’d all expected – but the ending itself was rather vague.  So I rewrote it in my head to be happily-ever-after, and all is well.

After it was over, we wandered around for a bit.  Naturally, we had to go to Times Square to take pictures, and then Kelsey and I spotted the three-story Toys R Us.  Yes, we made the other girls go in so we could explore and take pictures in the Barbie Dream House.  Yes, we are big kids. 

And then we had to decide what to do about dinner.  We’d passed a Subway and TGI Friday’s…

“But as long as we’re in NYC, I don’t really want to eat at a chain,” Mel commented.  “But then another place would probably be more expensive and take longer…”

“Is that an Olive Garden?!” Kelsey asked.

It was, indeed.  Forget that: we decided unanimously to eat at a chain restaurant and splurge. And it was absolutely yummy. 

Then was the travel back, which included the excitement of taking the wrong train out of NYC to Newark and ending up at a different train station then the one we’d parked at.  And we were the only people in that station.  But thankfully, there was a shuttle running between the two stations and so that mistake was soon remedied.  All in all, we spent over nine hours traveling, but it was so worth it. 

At what other time in your life do you drop everything, spend a massive amount of time traveling and just a few hours actually in a city – just for kicks?

And then there was the picnic Thursday and the Friday night shenanigans – which involved five girls giddy with being done school and taking all manner of goofy pictures.  And apparently, you never grow too old to build a human pyramid.  And I am never too old to be volunteered for the top of it.  (Hannah: “I claim the bottom!” Alex: “Megan claims the top!”)  It was great fun. 

And the week had more than its fair share of sadness and tears, too – which means that it was quite the roller coaster ride.  The beautiful friendships are quite worth the pain of watching them end or saying good bye – but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. 

But with that, my sophomore year at college was over.  I packed up and moved out Saturday, bidding a sad good bye to Atherton Hall.  I’ve spent two very happy years there, and I realized that I’ll never live in a dorm room again.  I do think an apartment is upgrading – but still.  It seemed to be a rather finite marker to this period of my life.  I would have really been a mess if I wasn’t going to be living with my roommate again; thankfully, I am.  (And four other girls.  With ten of our best friends right next door.  This is going to be fun and interesting.)

Now I’m home.  Yes, I’ve slept in (or stayed in bed) past noon both days, and yes, I have yet to deal with the pink plastic stash of stuff that has exploded in our foyer.  How can half of one small room fit so much?


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  • 1. Annie  |  May 9, 2011 at 9:33 pm

    i am so jealous! i wanted to go visit my friend in chicago for a long weekend – it’s about three hours from where i am – but it didn’t really work out.

    haha, i know how you feel about sense and sensibility. i’m much more like elinor and i always got upset that she just ended up with edward right after he broke off his engagement with lucy.


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