Five-Minute Friday

April 29, 2011 at 3:07 pm Leave a comment

In celebration of the fact that classes are done and finals are not yet, I am once again managing to write a Five-Minute Friday post on an actual Friday.  So welcome to that part of the week where I write for five whole minutes without editing – probably saying all kinds of stupid things yet not really caring.

Lisa-Jo’s topic for today is “If I knew I could, I would…”


If I knew I could, I would sing a lot more and a lot more loudly.  I wouldn’t freak out about hitting high notes with people actually listening, or the accidental harmonies I create.  I’d know I could do it…and I would.

(and if I knew I could – I would totally try to be on Broadway.  Dream job.  Though it will always remain a dream ;).)

If I knew I could – I really would make a difference.  As it is, I wish I could.  Maybe I can.  But the problems seem so big, and I always wonder what one small girl who isn’t yet twenty can actually do? 

If I knew I could – I would run on the beach, soak up the glories of the sand and the sun and ocean as far as I can see.  If I knew I could, I would visit my friends who are far away, give them real hugs, and remind them that they are close to my heart, always. 

If I knew I could, I think I would fly.

If I knew I could, my heart would be focused on God.  Always.  I would know what it means to truly “fall in love with Him” as people seem to be so fond of saying, and a concept that is as yet out of my grasp.  If I knew I could, I would love with His pure love – love him, and love people, without abandon. 

If I knew I could, I would always be able to surround myself with the people I love, instead of working through physical (and sometimes emotional) distance.  I would be able to be with my family and my high school and my college friends, all at the same time, and life would be simply marvelous.


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