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January 22, 2011 at 1:11 am 1 comment

I’m working on the sports skills, people. 

Tonight a few of my friends decided it was time I learned how to play ping-pong.  (Ignore the fact that ping pong isn’t really a sport, okay?)  I’m dangerous at foosball.  But ping-pong?  Not so much.  I tend to be really enthusiastic and bounce the ball straight across the room, or just swing and miss it completely.


So they taught me and we played for a solid two hours tonight.  It was very fun.  And since I freely announced that I was awful and the whole purpose was for me to learn, they were actually impressed with my playing rather than laughing at me.  For the most part.

It was fun. 

Next up, when the weather is not bitterly and miserably freezing, is learning to throw/catch a football.  My friends do that a lot.  I can’t do that either.  But maybe I’ll learn.  And maybe I’ll at least be better at catching it, since I now have contacts (!!) and no longer need to fear the ball smashing into my face and breaking my glasses.  (I was told to stop looking away from the ball when it came towards me….which I blame on that subonscious fear). 

Some other good times:

– Kelly and I made a bet last night that Cru would start on time (aka before we got there) yesterday.  Loser owed the winner a cup of tea.  It did start on time, and I won, and she bought me a cup of my beloved Wild Sweet Orange tea immediately after it ended.  Win. 

– I spent a lot of time this afternoon on my photography homework.  This involved learning all sorts of cool features on my camera that I didn’t know it had.  And it was very relaxing, except for the bit about  me freaking out about the creative photographs I’m supposed to take for an assigment due Monday.  Creative photographs?? 

– Wednesday went so much better than I expected; I have eight hours of classes that day (most bizarre schedule ever – I also have one day without classes and one class on Thursdays and Fridays) but I made it through all of them and enjoyed them.  So that was a big relief.  Hopefully it continues for the rest of the semester!

– tomorrow I’m going to go see Tangled.  Again.  It will be fun.  And go to a women’s and men’s gymnastics meet!  I love gymnastics, but only get to watch it every four years when the Olympics are on.  So now I get to see gymnastics and I get to cheer for my school!  Yay! 

Here’s hoping your weekend is relaxing and productive!  And if you see any “canners” flooding your intersections to raise money for THON tomorrow – maybe consider donating a few cents?  It’s bitterly cold out there, but so worth it.


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in which Megan finally watches a classic movie and shares her thoughts what makes it a good day?

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  • 1. singamelody  |  January 22, 2011 at 5:25 pm

    “Creative Photographs” = close up shots of a rock. A Tree from the view of an Ant. At least, that’s what I think of when I think of creative photographs.

    Ping Pong is a sport! It’s called Table Tennis, and it’s in the Olympics! I think we’re on the same level of ping pong, so we shouldn’t play together, cause we’d never hit it back, lol!

    And have fun watching Gymnastics! That would be really fun to see!!!


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