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happy: so many happy moments this break, strung along like little gift pearls on a necklace.  Feeling chubby little arms spontaneously flung around my legs or my neck.  (Remember when you could only reach to hug people’s legs?).  Hugging Melody and Jessina for the first time since August.  Being back at the church I dance in, my second home, a place so filled with liturgy and love and memories that I made an essay out of it last year and how it shaped me.  About the rite of passage that was my too-smooth pointe shoes on the dusty altar steps.  It was good to be back on them Tuesday night and Thursday morning, for rehearsal and worship.  And then there was the stuffing.  I’m pretty sure there will be stuffing in heaven. 

sad: when I had to make a decision and choose not to try out for worship team at Navs for the next year, which I would have loved to do, because I’d rather be a Bible study leader next year, and I don’t think it would be wise to do both.  But I hate when I have to choose between two wonderful things. 

soaring: singing my heart out at my own piano.  Breaking my sister’s resolve to not listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving by forcing it upon her, as I sang several Christmas songs after the usual repertoire of On The Steps of the Palace and Vanilla Ice Cream and Think of Me and other old, wonderful musical theatre songs. 

depressed: when I look at the work I’ve brought home – most of it creative pieces that require a great deal of energy – and don’t have the ideas or the energy or interest to deal with them.  I’m still stuck halfway through my story that is due Tuesday. 

inspired: when I think I come up with a really good idea for my graphic design application poster

grateful: for so many, many, many undeserved and beautiful gifts.  For Thanksgiving itself.  For catching the last seat on the bus home, and watching It’s a Wonderful Life and dreaming that my small life might be in some way important, too.  For the people who inspire me and challenge me and let me rant.

magical: it snowed yesterday morning.

tired: so tired.  enough said. 

wonder: wondering when I lost my sister’s freedom and creativity in coloring the princess’ hair green and her horse pink and declare them beautiful, not bound to any bothersome ideas of what things are supposed to look like.  And her nonchalant acceptance of praise and confidence in her ability to create something wonderful. 

happy:  and more lovely moments.  Knocking Adriel over to hug Melody.  Running gleefully down Target’s aisles this morning with Jessina and finding all sorts of cute and fun little things.  Being given a present by my little sister, in a little box with a bow on it.  The present is a 3 x 5 card that reads, in her five-year-old handwriting, “Dear Megan, Laughing is a very good present did you know that”.  And another present – this one stuck under the newly erected and not-yet-decorated Christmas tree – a lovely marker picture of her nativity.

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