two blogs and a Bed Monster

November 22, 2010 at 1:04 am 1 comment

My mother just popped her head in the door and scowled at me.  It’s the classic “Why aren’t you in bed yet?” look.

She gave it to me for three reasons. #1, it’s nearly 1 a.m.  #2, she hates the computer and thinks it’s sucking my life/sleep/productability away when she sees me happily snuggled on my bed with my laptop.  And she’s probably right.  And #3, she’s learned over the last 19 years that I have issues with going to bed.  I love sleeping.  I could sleep all day, in fact.  I love going to bed, and I make all kinds of resolutions nearly every day to actually go to bed earlier instead of staying up late doing Pointless Things. 

Roomie’s learned this, too.  If I open my mouth after midnight – usually I either announce that my life is falling apart, which is when she knows the clock has struck twelve and I’ve turned into a Melodramatic Mess – she knows the only appropriate response is, “Get a shower and go to bed.”  She usually has to remind me at least seven times before it works and I actually get in the shower.  Then as I’m getting ready for bed, I’ll often turn into a two-year-old, offering the most random comments and distracting her (because she’s actually working and not wasting time doing Pointless Things).  The best response is still go to bed, although I have had great success in distracting her and carrying on strange and lengthy conversations.

Apparently I have two forces in my body: one that adores my bed and one that does not.  The latter is invisible except after midnight, when it works its strange magic and I thwart my own efforts to get to bed. 

Like right now.  I’ve felt kind of brain-dead all weekend, since I’m home on Thanksgiving break (wooo!), and the result has been a deathly absence from this blog.  No willpower.  I don’t want to think.  No inspiration.

Except right now, when I could be in bed happily sleeping.  And I’m writing a pointless post instead.

Welcome to my life.

But to save this from being an absolute waste of your time, I will now share with you two utterly amazing blogs and let you procrastinate at your own pace and timing. 

Hyperbole and a Half (, since my stupid link inserter is broken) is simply hysterical.  Words + stick figure drawings = priceless.  I laughed so hard I nearly cried tonight, and my little sister kept running over to see what was so funny and why she wasn’t included.  Seriously, it’s the funniest thing I’ve ever read. 

And on a different note – go read Gitzen Girl’s blog (  It’s beautiful and breathtaking.  Sarah has a chronic disease that has confined her to her home and usually her bed, but she chooses joy and faith in a place where she’s watched her dreams stripped away.  Her blog is joyful, authentic, and inspiring.  And she makes beautiful artwork and free scrapbook doodles to download, too. 

And after reading her blog – someone smack me the next time I complain.  About anything.

Now I’m off to try to thwart, again, the Bed Monster. 

We’ll see if I’m successful.


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  • 1. singamelody  |  November 22, 2010 at 8:42 am

    I hope you were successful. I have an idea: Go to bed early every night this week, but then Thanksgiving, stay up all night, so you can go Black Friday Shopping and then you won’t have to get up early 😛

    Oh, and sometimes it’s wonderful to read pointless/uninspired blogs. Specially if you’ve been studying a lot, it’s nice to take a break and smile!

    See you SOON!!!


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