there are a few things i’m good at

November 7, 2010 at 12:36 pm 1 comment

…none of which are sports-related.  I can’t play soccer, I can’t throw a football, and I can’t even play ping pong.  (Last year, my friend broke her collar bone.  We were playing ping pong and she suggested everyone play with their “wrong” hands to make it more fair, because she had to play with her left hand.  But I’m so bad that she beat me playing with her left hand while I was still using my right).  But.   I can play foosball. 

Two of the greatest skills my daddy has given me: he taught me to write.  And he taught me to play foosball.  (and to catch a ball when it comes flying at me, instead of screaming.  That’s useful, too). 

I know you really wanted to know that about me. 

In other news, this has been a crazy weekend and is bringing on an even crazier week – I have a two papers, two exams, and a quiz, all due Thursday, and I’m going to see the musical theatre school’s production of Peter Pan on Wednesday night (I have to go for my theatre class, and that was literally the only day I could go.  But at least I’ll still be doing homework, you know…). 

Yesterday was a football game, and it was at 3:30, so it literally sucks up the entire day.  But I didn’t mind.  The first half was simply awful, and somehow we rebounded from 21-0 to win 35-21, which meant the second half was super exciting.  And it made our coach’s 400th win, which as (obviously?) never been done before.  I mean, there aren’t that many 83-year-old guys still coaching college football.

And today was church!  For the record, I’m really not a morning person.  I’m not the don’t-talk-to-me-till-I’ve-had-my-coffee kind of person (if you talk to me, it will probably wake and cheer me up), but I still hate getting up early.

I know, I know.  Good luck in life, Megan. 

So getting up for church is a bit of a struggle for me, because we go to the early service (otherwise, I wouldn’t be back and done brunch till after 2, instead of 12, which is too late for me to get lots of homework in before Bible study at 5).  But it’s always so sweet once I’m actually there with my friends.  And this morning was no different.  I love it!

Recently I feel that God’s been trying to pound in my head the importance of sharing the Gospel with words.  You see, I’ve always been one of those let-it-just-show-through-my-actions kind of people.  Despite being such a verbal and word-loving person, actually talking to someone about this great gift and story scares me. 

I think I’m too much of a people pleaser.  I’m afraid they won’t like me any more. I’m afraid of what they might think of me.  I’m afraid it will strain our friendship.

Okay, I know I’m far too much of a people-pleaser.

Has anyone else felt this way?  I still don’t think marching up to strangers or shouting from the street corners is very effective (and sometimes it makes me cringe, I’ll admit), but when the timing is right to bring it up with one of my friends, I need to be obedient and open my mouth. 

Because how much of a real friend am I if I’m too paralyzed by “what-will-they-think” to share the truth?  What if no one has really told them of this great and ransoming love?  If someone was drowning, I wouldn’t worry about what they thought of me more than I would worry about throwing a life raft to them.  But our culture belittles everything I believe in, and labels me a pathetic hypocrite.

And so I need to stop trying to get approval from the world.  And start just caring about what God thinks.  Because in the end, only His opinion really matters.

(And by the way, world.  I do hope I’m not a hypocrite.  I mess up a lot.  I’m nowhere near perfect.  I’m just covered in grace.  So now you know!)

These are my random Sunday musings.  Now, I’m off to work on math or advertising or journalism….

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and this is grace: an invitation to be beautiful in which Megan defies quantum physics

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  • 1. Kate  |  November 7, 2010 at 10:50 pm

    Wow! Nice article. I like it. 🙂 “there are a few things i’m good at


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