Perfection. It’s a disease.

October 22, 2010 at 3:26 pm 1 comment

I was re-reading “The Disease Called Perfection” by Single Dad Laughing…and remembered what an incredible article it is. 

And how tragically true.

Why on earth do we always feel like we have to measure up to some impossible standard in life, in looks, in relationships?  Why are we so desperately afraid to be real? 

What would it take for me to stop pretending, to throw away my mask, and be real, too?  I want to be real.  I want people to know that I’m not perfect…and they don’t have to be perfect around me either.  We’re all walking this rocky road.  It’s okay to fall. 

But I fall into the trap too.  I may not worry much about looking like a magazine-cover model, because everyone knows they’ve been photoshopped and who knows what else….but why do I still compare myself to an only slightly more attainable standard of beauty?  Why do I still worry that people will reject me if they find out what I’m really like – that I’m nowhere near perfect? 

This is where the Gospel of grace comes in.  The Gospel that frees us from needing to measure up, from endless comparisons and masks.

But I’m not always sure what that would actually look like…in real life, in my life.  It gets a little messy when we delve into practicalities.  

Thoughts on this?

In other news, I should probably stop thinking Deep Thoughts and start packing.  Yup, it will be the third weekend in a row I’ve been gone – I went home, and then on the Navs fall retreat, and now I’m going canning with Navs!  (If you don’t know what that is, I’ve explained it before).  It should be fun, though!  And the weather….let’s just say I’ll be standing outside all day and it will be in the 70s.  I’m not sure this is legal.  I thought a major part of canning was the pain and suffering if getting frostbitten (because it’s usually in the 20s, you know.  We go in October, December, January, and February.  The last three months are, well, freezing).  But I am so not complaining. 

But really.  I need to pack.

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summing up my life in one word i want to add to the beauty

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  • 1. singamelody  |  October 25, 2010 at 8:29 pm

    I hope canning went well! That is awfully warm for that event.

    I know what you’re saying about wanting to be perfect. And honestly, I don’t know that it’s wrong to want that. Afterall, we were created to be perfect in a perfect world. So our desire for that is natural. It’s just that we need to be realistic because that perfect world isn’t perfect anymore. That’s just my two bits 🙂


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