What to Do with Doubt

September 26, 2010 at 10:18 pm Leave a comment

So if you are in this uncomfortable place of doubt – what are you doing with it? 

Everyone experiences different things and processes things differently.  But it still helped me a lot to be able to talk things over with my dad and learn how others had dealt with it too.  Because questions and doubts are good and important, but more important is what you do with them and how you answer them.  So here are some thoughts for you:

Turn to God.  This may sound weird if you are questioning if there even is a God, but cling to this truth:  if the God of the Bible is real (as I believe He is), then He is big enough to handle your doubts and bring you through this.

Find answers for yourself.  Don’t just sit here and wonder and feel guilty about doubting: truly seek out answers.  Talk to people you admire and trust, and don’t be afraid to admit that you have questions.  Read books.  One of my favorites is More Than a Carpenter by Josh McDowell.  It’s small, and it tackles the big questions  – Is the Bible reliable?  What historical evidence do we have?  Who is Jesus?  How can we tell that this isn’t a myth that lots of people got together and made up?  And of course the one that everything else hinges on: Did the resurrection really happen? 

Another good book, if you are grappling with more of the how could God let this happen? angle is Trusting God: Even When Life Hurts by Jerry Bridges.  I’ve learned a lot from both of these, and I know I’ll be reading them again and again. 

And read the Bible.  I suggest starting over: try to forget your preconceptions, forget everything that everyone else says about Jesus, and just read Luke (which is very much of a straight historian’s account).  What did Jesus do and say?  Who does He say He is? 

Look at nature.  Psalm 19 says “the heavens declare the glory of God”.  The more I see how intricate the world around me is – how intricate I am – the less I am able to believe that the universe sprang from nothing.  And look at the people around you.  We are all wired for something more; we all yearn to make a difference and be a part of something greater than ourselves.  I, for one, just couldn’t reconcile that with the alternative to not believing in God, which is that my life is purposeless and I’m basically an accident.  That’s depressing. 

So.  If you have been here, what are some things that you’ve done?  And if you are in this place, what are some of the questions that you have right now? 

Please know that you are not alone!


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What Do you Do with Doubt? Missing

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