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July 7, 2010 at 8:36 pm 2 comments

1) That whole “practice what you can’t do, not what you can” bit – why am I constantly reversing this?  This reversal and dislike of being bad at something has kept me from such things as learning back caprioles, guitar chords, or singing harmony.  All three are things that I’m now determined to work on – along with everything else that I find myself avoiding and not practicing because I can’t do it yet. 

2) What would it look like if I loved more freely and more lavishly?  I don’t have any answers – but I think it’s a good question.  What would it look like if I loved my little sister, my daddy, my best friends, more dearly, with the pure and perfect and sacrificial love of God?  What kind of difference would it make? 

3) Please tell me I’m not the only one who doesn’t feel like taking the time to take nail polish off her toes and instead just constantly retouches.  It makes a less-than-perfect pedicure, of course, but it sure saves time, especially since the brand I use takes forever to come off.

4) It’s amazing what I can do when I have no choice but to do it.  In pointe class yesterday, for example, we were learning a solo from Don Quixote, and I was fussing about how fast it was and how my ankle was probably going to collapse and I wouldn’t be able to do the developes and whatnot, but when the music went on and I didn’t have any choice but to try and keep up as best as I could, I wound up being able to do a lot more than I thought!


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I challenge you to do something about it He holds the brokenness

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  • 1. Joanna  |  July 9, 2010 at 2:56 pm

    1) Yah, I know what you mean, love! I always love to practice what I can…say in gymnastics…but my teacher told me to practice what I couldn’t do.

    2) I’ve been thinking the same thing. What if I really, really loved like Jesus?

    3) I wouldn’t know about this one…nail polish rarely finds its way on my nails in the first place! ; D

    4) Yep. Been there. And am going to experience it soon…going to be forced to speak Spanish!

    P.S. Aw, thanks for your comment. Made my day. Absolutely did. And our talk.

  • 2. singamelody  |  July 10, 2010 at 11:06 pm

    I think that thing called pride hits in when it comes to practicing things we aren’t good at…

    I’ve been retouching my toes. My fingers I generally do something different all the time, though I tend to wait until it all (or most of) has chipped off 🙂


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