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June 23, 2010 at 2:53 pm 2 comments

I decided that since the last several posts were quite serious, we all needed a break.  So I thought I’d update you on my life this summer!

I can’t believe I’ve been home for over a month already.  But perhaps the crazier part  is that it’s still only June?  I think usually after I’ve been done school for this long it’s at least July or something.  But it’s nice to still have so much of the summer stretching before me.  This past weekend, I met up with about 15 of my freshman (sophomore?  I guess we’re not freshies anymore…not sure how I feel about that!) friends from the Navigators and we went to Hershey Park.  Believe it or not, it was actually my first time being there; we had great fun.  I flatly refused to go on upside-down roller coasters, and we sort of melted into a sticky and sunblock-y puddle, but then we went on the water rides and they were a welcome relief.  And we stayed over Friday and Saturday nights at my friend Hannah’s house, which may have been my favorite part of the weekend – Friday night exploring some of the beautiful places around Hershey and taking pictures (well, the girls did all sorts of poses and made the boys our more-or-less patient photographers); Saturday night laying on the trampoline under the stars and fireflies and having a marathon girl-talk time.  I loved it.  And I love that girls bond over such lengthy late-night conversations.  I think the boys’ version of “guy time” was flipping through music on their phones for awhile and then calling it quits and going to bed.

This is my favorite picture from the weekend.  We were going for an “album cover” look – think we succeeded?

This morning I got up slightly before seven so I could get season football tickets online for my Big State University.  It’s the only time I’ve ever seen so many of my classmates on facebook that early in the morning.  (and our statuses are all happy versions of “I got my football tickets!!”)  I got them, I’m happy, and I went back to bed.  You didn’t expect me to stay up, did you?  It’s summertime!

I might be single-handedly keeping the post office in business.  Not really, but I’ve been writing my friends an awful lot of letters.  I love sending sunshine in a mailbox.

I made myself some goals for the summer, so I wouldn’t get too bored.  How are they coming along?  Well, I had exercise goals, which are coming along decently except for the times when I get to exhausted from Lymes to actually exercise, but I can’t do anything about that; I fully intend on learning at least a little bit of guitar (shush, I know, that’s been my goal for forever), but I promptly broke a string trying to tune it two weeks ago, so then I had to take the guitar in to get the whole thing restrung.  I’m thinking it’s a good thing though; since my Dad is letting me play his lovely guitar, those strings were about 30 years old.  And needed to be replaced.  So now I just need to go pick it up and then I can start my serious practicing.

I also wanted to stay in touch with my college friends and write lots of letters.  As stated above, that’s going pretty well.  I wanted to read lots and lots of books, which I am.  I’m currently finishing Three Cups of Tea; reading some Agatha Christie short stories for a fun diversion, now and then; starting Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling, and I have A Return to Modesty, My Name is Asher Lev, A Severed Wasp, and Girls Gone Mild on hold for me at the library.  Looks like I’ll be busy, hmmm?

I also wanted to keep my voice in shape.  That could be going a little better, as every time I sit at the piano my little sister wants me to teach her piano lessons (I’m actually pretty proud that I’ve taught a four-year-old almost all of “O Come All Ye Faithful” – and don’t judge; she picked the song).  But one great help is that my friends and I are putting together a musical theatre variety show to perform at a nursing home, so we have rehearsals and I have a solo that I have to practice and whatnot.  It’s funny – I love voice so much but I don’t actually practice it as much as I ought, because it’s so fun so I feel like it should be a reward or something – and therefore it usually gets pushed to the wayside.  But I want to be more intentional about practicing this summer!  I’m still trying to figure out a way to get into an awesome voice class this fall, but I need to switch (full) math sections to do so.   We’ll see how that works.

I’ve mentioned my love for personality tests before.  I was playing around last night, reading more about ENFPs and whatnot (my personality, according to Meyers-Briggs), and I decided that one reason I like them is that they give me an awful lot of flattering words all at once.  Last night, for instance, I was called “charming” and “bright” and “inspiring”  and “perceptive” with an “enthusiastic love for life” (though they did mention that a weakness might be smothering enthusiasm).  Another weakness, that of getting bored with mundane tasks such as cleaning and paying bills, was right-on.  I also happen to love that my older sister and I, so alike in so many ways, are polar opposites on all personality tests.  She’s an ISTJ.  Have you done any personality tests?  What are you?  (This site seems to be pretty good for taking the Meyers-Briggs test, by the way!  And if you do it, let me know what you are!)

Random note: Tenth Avenue North is still at the top of my favorites list.  But right now I’m also liking JJ Heller (especially Your Hands), almost anything James Taylor (and especially You’ve Got a Friend and Carolina In My Mind), and Josh Wilson’s Before the Morning.  What are your favorites?

And now I am off.  I should go work out now, but I’m a wimp.  I’m working on running, but I can’t bear doing it when it’s super hot, which both my father and older sister manage to tolerate.  And since today has an “excessive heat” warning, I think I’ll march down to the basement and watch a movie while on the rowing machine.

stars & fireflies,


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Real? Or true? summer’s bookbag

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  • 1. Dana Ray  |  June 23, 2010 at 8:19 pm

    ENFJ. Couldn’t fit me better. 🙂

    Currently reading: Rainbows for the Fallen World by Calvin Seerveld, Houskeeping by Marilynne Robinson, and books about the history of the Balkans.

    Currently listening to: Indelible Grace “Pilgrim Days” album (you’d love it!)

    And I gave you the wrong address! Zip code is 16803. Sorry!

    LOVE that you had a great time at my house! I’m sad I missed it.

  • 2. Annie  |  June 23, 2010 at 9:19 pm

    I like that picture! yes, you succeeded. :]
    mail is totally sunshine in a mailbox. love the metaphor.
    how did you like three cups of tea? it was our university’s community reading project last year. i liked it pretty well.
    love personality tests! i just took some yesterday actually, haha. myers-briggs tells me i’m an intj.
    love tenth avenue north. have you heard their new album yet? it’s so good!


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