Real? Or true?

June 22, 2010 at 5:47 pm 1 comment

Do you live as if the Gospel was real?  Or true?

Maybe I should back up and explain why I’m separating the two words.  Most things, Gospel included, are both real and true.  But something can be real without being true, and something else can be true without being real.


This is my definition.  Something is real if it is a reality – but it may not be true or correct or factual.  A cult, for example, is real.  It exists, it has real members and real influence.  But it is not true.  In terms of what it preaches, it is dead wrong.

Likewise, something can be true and not real.  It’s true that the sun is 93 million light years away (or however many it actually is; I didn’t look that number up and I’m no scientist).  But most of us don’t care.  And even if we do care, the specific number of its distance doesn’t affect our lives at all, providing it doesn’t change the world we live in.  (If we found out scientists have been wrong and it’s really 100 light years away, would that change our daily lives?  Absolutely not).

So.  How does the Gospel apply to your life?  How do you live out the Kingdom of God in this physical and mortal world?

Do you live as if it was true in the same way the sun’s distance is true?  It’s a good fact and I know it but it doesn’t really affect my life?

Or do you live as if it’s as real as any of our natural laws – others may or may not believe in gravity, but you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is real and true and has immediate implications on our earthly lives.  If someone else doesn’t believe in it, they’ll discover it soon enough when they try to fly or jump.  And gravity doesn’t care whether or not you agree with it or believe it; it’s there and it works just the same.

I pray the Gospel is true in all of our lives.  But do we live as if it is real?

Because even though it’s so hard to grasp, that invisible kingdom is far more real than anything we can see and touch in this physical world.

I don’t really know what it means to live in a way that makes the Gospel and Kingdom and the invisible the central reality of our lives.  I just know that it’s important.  I think that if we really understand the Gospel, we can’t help being changed by it.  Jesus never intended for us to merely live as if it was true – a cool fact that’s no more applicable than the distance of the sun.  He intended us to live as though it was as real and important and prevalent as gravity.

So – do you live as though the Gospel is true, or real?  And what do you think it means to live as though it’s real, anyway?


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  • 1. Annie  |  June 23, 2010 at 2:55 am

    I think it means making every decision, every statement, every action, with the subconscious {at least; and hopefully conscious as well} knowledge that our lifelong mission is to bring glory to God and share His glory with others. I don’t know what that looks like either – but I know He is faithful to share it with me, if I will only take the time to let Him.


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