Swim Upstream, But Stay in the Stream

June 10, 2010 at 7:30 pm Leave a comment

(This is Part 3 in the series based off my father’s speech.  Read Part 1 and Part 2)

As high schoolers, you had lots of experience swimming upstream.  You did school differently [we were homeschooled], because of decisions made first by your parents, but then probably adopted by you as well.  But it’s the principles that are important – you learned how to do things differently, and you probably applied these principles in a myriad of other ways that aren’t even related to your schooling. 

That heritage is one of your greatest assets.

The Bible tells how, during the time of the exodus out of Egypt, Moses sent twelve men to scope out the promised land.  Ten came back with a daunting report: the land is inhabited by giants, it has high walls, it is heavily fortified.  Only Caleb and Joshua dared to offer a dissenting opinion.  And if they hadn’t, the Israelites might still be wandering. 

This is your heritage as well.

You come from the bloodline of Joshua and the heritage of Caleb.  Don’t stop now.

Be willing to swim upstream, to do things differently, to be that one Joshua voice offering a dissenting opinion and trusting in God.

But I have one word of caution for you: Don’t get out of the stream.  There is much work, and great work, to be done; there is beauty that needs to be added and truth that needs to be brought.  But you can’t do it from the sidelines, because the people are in the stream. 

Be strong and courageous.  Swim upstream – but stay in the stream.

 (note: obviously, that first part about being homeschooled is not applicable to many of you; but that was how my father chose to tailor his speech for my graduation.  Regardless, the message is obviously the same: we’ve probably done many things very differently during high school, maybe gotten used to what it feels like to be fighting the tide at every turn.  And that heritage is indeed one of our greatest assets). 

Tomorrow: Don’t Miss the Beauty


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