Week of Wisdom

June 6, 2010 at 10:47 pm Leave a comment

So I have something new for you this week. 

It’s graduation time again, and going to Jessina’s graduation last week reminded me of my own – and a series of posts that I meant to write last year.  I was homeschooled, but I still had a graduation ceremony with about 20 other homeschooled kids (small class, I know!).  Anyways, the coordinators asked my father to give the “charge to the graduates”, and he did – which I thought very special. 

But it wasn’t a kind of charge that is limited in applicability only to the graduating class.  It’s five pieces of wisdom that he wanted to share with his little girl about the world she was entering.  And because I thought they were so wise, I’m going to blog them this week, recreating what I can from his note cards. 

Come back tomorrow for the first part – think small, because small changes the world.


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summertime Think Small, Because Small Changes the World

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