Miscellany Monday

May 18, 2010 at 3:23 am 1 comment

I’m joining in on the miscellaneous Monday fun!  So here comes a collection of randoms…

* I’m pretty sure a little bit of heaven spilled over and made a bookstore.  There is something about bookstores that is just wonderful and peaceful and happy.  I went to a Barnes & Noble yesterday, probably for the first time since Christmas break, and wandering around, smelling the book-y smell, and collecting books to pile on the comfy chair was pure bliss.  And I bought a book to add to my ever-growing summer reading list: The Small Rain, by Madeleine L’Engle.  I haven’t read a novel since Christmas break either, and it’s excited.

* Speaking of summer reading, said booklist has over 30 books and is growing.  I got terribly excited this morning when I found my library could special-order several of them, but then I thought I should start with some of the books in my own house first…

* And if you want to read a charming (and helpful!) book this summer, a review of How to be a Hepburn in a Hilton World is forthcoming.

* For the girl who couldn’t finish a journal in seven years, I have been setting records right and left this past year.  Since December ’08, I’ve finished at least five journals, and I’ve gone through an entire pen and written fifty pages just in the last week.  Now, this journal is slim and so the pages aren’t terribly large – but still.  I’m rather pleased. 

* You can tell I’m the baby of the family.  If my older sister was told to go through her old things and clean her room, she would.  I spent a while playing with an old red flower hair comb I found, remnants of a long-ago Hawaiian Halloween costume.  Yes, I was parading in front of the mirror and making my best Flamenco poses.  Ignoring the fact that I didn’t know any flamenco poses and I nearly started a small-scale war over AP Spanish last year. 

* My little sister came in while I was supposedly cleaning and started swiping my stuffed animals.  She’s my little sister, all right!  (For clarification, I still consider myself the baby of the family because (a) it’s so much nicer of a title than simply middler, of whom I’ve never found any interesting character traits except being a peace-maker (sorry, middlers) and (b) said little sister came along when I was nearly fifteen, which I consider quite long enough for the general bent of my character to have been formed.  Therefore, I still consider myself – and will always act like – a family baby.  Best of both worlds, absolutely.  (Sorry if that evoked any songs you would rather not remember!)

* My older sister, on the phone from college, is currently talking to Heather, Little Sister’s new invisible friend.  Classic. 

* My birthday is coming up!!  Not that I’m excited or anything…


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signposts of another world How to Be a Hepburn in a Hilton World: Book Review

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  • 1. Annie  |  May 18, 2010 at 3:36 am

    I love bookstores! they’re 1000% of the reason I’m still sane. and yes, I meant a thousand. ha! and yay for finishing all those journals – I love journaling!


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