Fashion Friday

May 14, 2010 at 8:36 pm Leave a comment

With the beginning of summer comes Megan’s endless quest for pretty dresses.  It’s usually futile because I fall in love with super expensive dresses, or all the summer silhouettes just look terrible on my petite frame.  (Empire waists don’t look that great on me – which is unfortunate when that is the only style!  And let’s not get me started on maxi dresses.  First, I don’t like them anyway, and secondly, I look like I’m drowning in fabric.  Not a pretty sight). 

But there seems to be more pickings for me this summer, which is a cheery sight indeed.  Here are a few of the dresses I’ve been admiring lately:

Simple.  Casual.  Watermelon color.  I love this dress from Gap:

And this one, from Down East Basics, is simply adorable.  I’d probably go with the antique pink shade, since I don’t like the darker colors on me as much.  (But I might look equally washed out in dusty pink as with stark navy…hmm).  Anyway, isn’t it cute?

And I think this little number from Ann Taylor Loft is very classy indeed.  I don’t have any occasion to wear it, and I’m not into little black dresses because the stark color against my (very pale) skin isn’t the prettiest combination.  But I do think it’s chic.

I’m also a little bit in love with this baby blue dress from Christa-Taylor.  If only it wasn’t so expensive!  And if my other formal-ish dresses weren’t also turquoise…

And as long as we’re in the realm of more-or-less unattainable dresses, look at this one from Shabby Apple.  You might not have noticed, but I adore anything that looks sort of vintage…

And I wouldn’t actually wear this one, but I love how very artsy the shots are.  And the hair.  Ohmyword, the hair.  Feel free to browse their website and drool over the old-fashioned curls and styles with me…

Hello, Audrey Hepburn:

And now, I’m off to play with my sister and sing some Mary Poppins songs on the piano.  And a hat-tip to Girlymama, from whom I’ve unashamedly borrowed the idea for this post.


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