it’s the little things

May 8, 2010 at 10:48 pm 1 comment

I came home Thursday night.  Since then, I have been

– terribly excited about my new queen bed (my parents upgraded to a king. so I get their old queen – and it’s a beautiful bed – and this means I get to redecorate my room…)

– overwhelmed by all of my college “stuff” stacked in pink plastic boxes in the hallway

– overwhelmed by everything in my closet that my parents ceremoniously dumped in my older sister’s room.  I now have a two-week deadline to go through everything and deal with it, before she comes back and actually needs to find her bed…

– played several rounds of Play-Doh and tag

– held ice to a certain little person’s head after it got whacked by something

– tried to answer deep theological questions on the nature of angels (“Do they all fly?”) and Jesus’ death (No, he doesn’t die every year on Good Friday, just like you’re not born every year when we celebrate your birthday)

– sung at the very top of my lungs while I’m doing random things, like unloading the dishwasher.  Or playing with the play-doh.

– nearly tripped up/down the stairs a gazillion times because, hey, there’s not a baby gate there anymore…

– read almost an entire book (Wheee for summer reading!) – I Will Carry You: The Sacred Dance of Grief and Joy, by Angie Smith.  And I didn’t use an entire box of tissues!!  Actually, there weren’t tissues within reach, so I just have a mascara-streaked towel.  Ooops.  And I did bawl throughout most of the night.  But the book is so, so good.  Review forthcoming.

– begun planning – in my head, of course – all the books I want to read this summer.  Next up is definitely Strong Women, Soft Hearts.  Or maybe the Irrisistable Revolution – my friend has been quoting Shane Claiborne so much that I really want to read the book!

And soon, I will be making dinner.  For the first time in a very long time!


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  • 1. teacherperson  |  May 10, 2010 at 7:35 pm

    I have missed so many of your blog entries. But, reading about summer reading got me excited!!


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