Finals, facebook, and falling in love

May 4, 2010 at 3:43 pm Leave a comment

Two finals down, one to go!!  And I’m officially done science until at least my junior year.  Someone is happy 🙂

Anyway, final exams mean that I accidentally spend extra time on things like facebook, trying to avoid studying.  Sigh.  But I spend lots of time on social networking sites – like facebook and blogs and whatnot – anyway; too much time.  And that is why these two things on facebook caught my eye recently:

 – first, an interesting article from PluggedIn on the culture of facebook – does it really just sweep us into a culture of triviality and take us away from investing in relationships that really matter?  It can be good – I love it because my friends and I are always using it to plan things and create events.  But there’s also so much that we do that’s pointless…

 – and this Set-Apart Thots video by Leslie Ludy, where she talks about where we spend our time and what we give our best hours to.

Seriously, go watch it, and then come back. 

I’ve thought of this before, but was convicted again with the reminder.  I pray that God would help me to truly love Him with all my heart, soul, mind and strength; I pray that I would fall in love with Him.  And by that last phrase, I’m not going on the whole “Jesus is your boyfriend!” line, so don’t think I am.  I’m not necessarily talking about feelings – I mean I want Him to be the center of my universe; I want to be fixed on Him, and I want Him to be the most important thing in my life. 

So I pray these prayers.  But where do I spend my time?  Do I honestly spend more time on facebook or doing mindless things than I do with Him?  I certainly do on some days.  And I realized…you can’t get to know someone, or fall in love with them unless you actually make them a priority and spend time with them.  You have to be intentional and invest in relationships.  Find out what the person likes and doesn’t like, talk to them, do things with them.  You don’t just say, “I want to know all about you”, and then ignore them, right? 

So what makes me think my relationship with God is any different?  Why can I say “I want to know you” but then not actually spend time with Him – or not spend much time with Him – and listen to Him, and read the Bible, and find out who this God of the Universe actually is? 

He wants me to know Him.  He tells me to love him with everything I have and everything I am – heart, soul, mind, and strength.  But that won’t happen if I’m just not spending time with Him.  A prayer isn’t enough. 

I have to be intentional in my friendships – making time, planning fun things to do, putting them above less important things, etc.  And I need to be even more intentional with God; I need to truly make Him my priority and be ruthless about cutting out things that interfere. 

And why am I content with spending time on pointless and unessential things anyway, when I could be spending time with the one who loves me, redeemed me, ransomed me?  Truly, shamefully, I am far too easily pleased. 

This is what I am learning right now…


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