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Two books I want to read:

Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris

Strong Women, Soft Hearts by Paula Reinhart (this is the next book Jess and Angie have picked for their book club, and it looks amazing.  I think I’m going to participate)

Two new favorite bands:

Tenth Avenue North (I just went to a Casting Crowns/Tenth Avenue North concert a few weeks ago, and I’m a little obsessed right now.  I love their style, and the lyrics are beautiful!  Two favorite songs: go check out By Your Side and Beloved)

And well, I guess it’s only one favorite band because I really haven’t been discovering new music lately.  Chalk it up to my iTunes/iPod being funky. 

Two Current Favorite Songs:

 – The Voice of Truth by Casting Crowns (I’m sure you’ve all heard it – but the lyrics are so amazing and it’s really been speaking to me lately)

 – She’s in Love by According to John (“Cause Someone got a hold of her heart, and He won’t let go…she believes He hung the moon, says He’s coming for her soon…how can this be fair?  This guy can walk on water!”)  I just love this one. 

Two words that describe life right now:

– Intense and transient.  Okay, that just describes college in general.  And I’m not sure how I feel about that.  I’m out of here next week, and I’m excited to go home, but I’ll really miss my friends here, and it will be so weird to not see them for four months after I’ve seen them every day!

Two things I should be doing:

– ummm, probably studying.  Actually, yeah, I should be studying for a communications exam or revising my fiction story.  Or my poem.  Due tomorrow, of course.

– but on the plus side, I actually did my laundry this weekend.  It’s lovely not to have that hanging over my head. 

Two things I will be doing:

– some friends and I always eat dinner together on Wednesdays, and we decided to end the year with a bang and go out to eat tonight.  I’m pretty excited. 

– and tomorrow, some of the freshman and sophomores in Navs are getting together for outdoor worship.  I love that.  It will be very, very fun.

Two things that made me smile:

– the other day, I saw ten baby duckies

– I was trying to play a game of Mafia with my friends.  For one round, I was one of the Mafia.  Unfortunately for my acting ambitions, I am terrible at keeping a straight face and my roomie could see right through me.  And I couldn’t even think of a decent excuse.  (I’ve been told people can read my face like a book – I’m not able to hide much!)  Thankfully, though, I managed to convince everyone else that I was a normal person, and so I therefore won that round.  But it was pretty funny – “oh, shoot, she does know me really well…and she knows that I’m in the Mafia…annnd she would be right.”

Two other blogs you should check out:

– go over here to read Adrienne’s sweet miracles.  She has had six miscarriages and a few failed adoptions, but they recently celebrated the miracle of bringing over a second child from Korea.  And then, suddenly, two more babies are on the way – one to be adopted, and one to be born!  I’ve been praying for their family and following her blog for awhile, and I’m so, so happy for them.

– go over here to follow Jessica as she goes on a blogging tour with World Vision next week.  They’re going to the Dominican Republic!

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