my favorite thing about college

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is, hands down, the people.  I feel like I’m just learning so much about myself and others, and it’s so much fun. 

Take my roommate for example.  I love this girl.  And I’ve just learned so much from her.  We have the best and craziest conversations, especially around midnight when I’m getting ready to get a shower and she’s sprawled on her bed doing Chemistry.  It’s just fascinating to talk to someone who thinks so differently than I do, and thinks about so many different topics.  Last night, for example, it was overpopulation and China’s One Child policy.  I spouted off my unresearched opinion, as usual (I am never at a loss for gut reactions and opinions), and she shared some of her findings with me.  And I love this; I love just talking about anything and everything under the sun.  And lots of times, like last night, the things we talk about are things I’ve never actually devoted much time to.  But I learn so much from her scientific mind.  Sometimes we talk about evolution and Christianity, other times we spout off about other random topics – dating, for instance.  Or dining hall food. 

And through all these conversations, I’ve been learning what an incredibly verbal person I am.  One of my engineering friends once asked me if I saw the world in pictures or words.  I’d never thought about that before, but I definitely see it in words.  He sees it in pictures.  Hence, he’s a mechanical engineer who wants to take things apart and see how they work.  I’m majoring in Talking.  And last night, as I was helping Kelly with her speech, she told me that she gets frustrated with such things because she knows exactly what she means in her mind, but the words to translate it into speech just doesn’t come as naturally.  I, of course, am the exact opposite. 

“I have no idea what is going on in my mind until I say it out loud,” I confessed.  Which is probably a bad thing; obviously someone has great problems with Thinking Before She Speaks.  (But, God has been helping me with that!  And I’m trying to be more conscious of what I say).  Regardless, I need to write or talk; I need something else to be a soundboard before I can  make sense of myself.  It’s really quite funny.  But this is why I have a blog, this is why I’ve gone through four journals in a year, and this is why I’m so grateful to have a roommate who doesn’t mind me talking a lot. 

It’s just been such fun learning more about myself – and others, too.  Kelly knows me well enough that when I heard people discussing a movie, and asked her if I would like it, she remarked, “I’m pretty sure that you would walk out in thirty seconds and consider it the most offensive thing you’d ever seen.  You would hate it.”  Obviously, I won’t be watching that one.  It’s so helpful to have a roommate to give you tailored media suggestions!  (She also knows me so well that she informed me today that I say “Jeepers” and “gotcha” a lot). 

At home, most my friends and I are very similar in terms of how we think and process the world; we share similar opinions and read similar things.  And I love that.  But it’s also cool to be exposed to such different people here. 

Although if you ever met us, you probably wouldn’t think Kelly and I are that different.  We’re both tiny.  We both have the same size shoe, the same unusual hair color, and we both love the color green and Disney movies.  We’re also both Christians.  And vegetarians.  Ridiculous, right?  But oh my, we have epic debates over dinner about the importance of creativity versus Chemistry. 

It’s awesome.


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