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I love pretty things.  I also love personalized things.  And I love stationary. 

And I love free things! 

Shall we combine them all?  I found out about some pretty amazing deals from Vistaprint – lots of free, personalized stationary and business cards and whatnot.  And even though I always have more intentions about writing to friends than I actually have mailed letters – I decided to take advantage of it.  Here’s some of the designs I love:

Adorable, no?  Unfortunately, I could only get two of the designs, since apparently you can only get two free things per order.  Sounds like a sensible rule.  (And you still have to pay for shipping – but that wound up being $5 for 20 free, cute, and personalized cards.  Whee!)  I’m not sure when this promotion ends, but you might want to check it out.  I heard of one woman who ordered several cards and put quotations in the text box instead of names, and is holding on to them for gifts.  Sounds like a great idea to me!

I also discovered that you can write on a mirror with a dry-erase marker.  It would probably look dumb on the nice, wood-framed mirrors that people have at home, but the mirrors in my dorm room look pretty old, a little chipped, and so on.  So writing on it really doesn’t ruin the nice decor.  Right now I have my little words written on the bottom: “Love * Enchant * 2010”.  And so far, it’s been a fun reminder!

Tonight I’m having dinner with my Cru girls, and then tomorrow night with some freshmen from Navs, and some impromptu worship.  Could these people be any more awesome?  I think not. 

And now, I’m off to do some work!  I have a huge amount of reading to do for speech class tomorrow, which is unfortunate, because it’s an online textbook and I hate that.  Oh well.  And I really, really want to do work for my creative writing class – but I guess that’s the mark of a good class, when you always leave excited and inspired!  (Her words of wisdom for today was to stop wasting time coming up with an original plot – because they’ve all been done before, there really is nothing truly new under the sun.  And it’s futile.  Instead, spend time developing characters, making them real and interesting people, and then see what happens). 

Do you have any fun events/projects coming up?  Any more freebies you’ve found that you want to share?


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