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January 4, 2010 at 5:04 pm Leave a comment

I have one last, precious week of break before I go back to my Big State University.

Oh, break.  I love you.  Yet you’re never quite long enough.

Anyway, I thought you might enjoy seeing what I’ll be up to in exactly one week!  These are the classes that will consume my time for the rest of the semester:

Meteorology: fulfill yet another gen ed science requirement with something easier than biology or chemistry!  And this doesn’t even look like full-blown meteorology; it’s called “Weather and Risk”….perhaps it will even be mildly entertaining.

Effective Speech – yes, this is a requirement, but it should be good.  Public speaking is something I’m fairly good at, and I want to learn more.  Besides, with a communications major one really should be able to communicate!

Microeconomics – another requirement, this time for my major.  I’m not terribly excited about it, but it doesn’t sound too difficult.  I confess I’m more interested in macroeconomics than micro, but I haven’t studied any micro at all in high school, so this will be good.

Honors Intro to Creative Writing – terribly excited about this one.  The teacher reviews I’ve heard are good (otherwise it could turn a little weird), and I really, really want to take a class in creative writing.  It’s just so much more fun to write when you can add dialogue and make things up instead of sticking to facts!

Introduction to Media Effects – this is my elective, and I think it will be fabulous background for my future studies and work in the Communications field

And, finally, a one-credit required online writing course, which seems to be mostly grammar.  I confess I’m not looking forward to it.  Grammar is fine in context, but when you take it out of context and write a whole course on it, it’s as confusing as having the misspelled words right next to the correctly spelled one – with the result that several of them look right and your head is spinning and you get the answer wrong.  Hooray. 

Will this semester be any different for you than the last?


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