and the gym memberships soar

January 2, 2010 at 12:12 am 1 comment

I’ve been told that the holiday season is crazy for the on-campus gym.  After Thanksgiving, when everyone is attempting to work off their holiday feast, students flood the gyms.  Then finals hit, and those grand ideas crumble.  And then getting fit is everyone’s New Year’s resolution, so that increases traffic and memberships.  Until reality hits.  Or resolve melts.  And actually, I think this is quite true for all gyms and all people – not just college kids.

I’ve been terrible at keeping resolutions, too.  I’m one of those people who might make one spontaneously at midnight and then can’t even remember it two weeks later.  Not that I’ve actually made a lot of resolutions (well, I can’t really remember), but I do find it funny that the one I’ve carried out was never even official.  It’s writing in my journal – I’ve always liked the idea, but been rather bad at it, and had about four going at the same time.  So around Christmas, I just started writing – writing out prayers and thoughts and the usual.  I loved the way it helped me to focus my prayers, so I kept going.  And, surprise, I’ve now written almost every day, and gone through four good-sized journals in one year. 

I plan to continue this trend, and it’s a habit now, so it’s not an official resolution.  But I do have two for this new year – cutting procrastination and learning the guitar.  I’ve been meaning to learn guitar for a while; I love to sing and want to accompany myself, and it’s not practical to have a piano in my dorm room.  Besides, I can’t play that well anymore; I can only plunk out the right-hand melody line.  (Which is enough; it’s all I really need).  But still, I really want to learn guitar.  So I tried to learn over the summer, but didn’t put much effort into it and got discouraged very quickly.  But this time around, I’m determined not to let the initial frustration stop me.  I just need to remember that of course I will be bad at first! 

As for procrastination, that’s a more serious one.  I don’t necessarily procrastinate – I get things done by their deadlines, and not just in the nick of time, either – but I do have a tendency to waste time or just spend time doing unproductive things.  (Like reading pages on mylifeisaverage…entertaining, yes, but useful?  Not so much).  And I’ve recently been convicted that, really, my time is not my own to spend however I like.  And I only have one life: I can’t take it for granted that I’ll live to a ripe old age.   (Which seems like an eternity from my young perspective).  So of course, if I have all the time in the world, it really doesn’t matter how I spend it today.  So I just want to wake up to the reality that I actually only have today.  So with God’s grace, this year He’ll take me on a journey of learning how I should be spending my time. 

In this vein, I love this quote by Thomas Watson: “A man has no time for which he is not accountable to God.  If his very diversions are not governed by reason and religion he will one day suffer for the time he has spent in them.”  (HT: Tim Challies)

Oh, and I also want to be a better blogger.  More posts, shorter posts, and better posts – that sort of thing.  But that’s more of a looser resolution! 

But in keeping with the aforementioned shorter posts, I’ll save the story of my one little word for 2010 for another post.  But the word itself?  Love.


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