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If you saw me when I was six, you might not consider me a candidate for the “I Love Reading Club”.  In fact, it was a forceful and slightly painful process to get me to read. 

You see, my older sister loved reading.  She learned to read after only 72 of the lessons in “Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons”.  I required almost all 100, plus sticker bribes, plus months of cornering me for a lesson.  I’d seen what a terrible thing reading was: it took my playmate away from me, and there was no way I wanted to concede the victory of learning to read myself.  But I did love stickers, so I grudgingly accepted the lessons.  (My little sister beat us all and was reading this fall, when she turned four). 

Of course, then I learned to read and loved it.  And now, few things make me happier than a new book, or time to cozy down and read it.  I like most genres, too.  I used to be a confirmed, fiction-only girl, and then I’ve suddenly realized that over the last two years, I’ve hardly read any. 

Thanks to wonderful Christmas gifts and some other books I still haven’t read, my to-read bookshelf has been replenished.  What’s on it now?

Crazy Love, by Francis Chan (I’m in the middle of it, and all the hype about this book is true.  It might be the most amazing book I’ve read all year.  We all need the fresh perspective and waking up that this book gives: reminding us of who God really is – how big and awesome and uncontainable and holy – and who we are in comparison, yet of His incredible love and what our response should be)

Sacred Singleness: The Set-Apart Girl’s Guide to Purpose and Fulfillment, by Leslie Ludy (also in the middle of this, and as always, it’s quite good)

Loved: Stories of Forgiveness, edited by Rebecca St. James

Discipline: The Glad Surrender, by Elisabeth Elliot (I’m so excited to read this – Jessina has been telling me for quite a while how amazing it is, and every time I read Elliot’s books I’m struck by her wisdom)

Wrestling Prayer, by Eric and Leslie Ludy

God: As He Longs for You to See Him, by Chip Ingram

Triumph Over Midian, by A.L.O.E. (not sure what this is about, but it looks interesting and is published in the beautiful hardback leather of Lamplighter Publishing)

Dialogues of Fenelon, volume 1 (a beautiful devotional)

The Bravhearted Gospel, by Eric Ludy

The Little Mermaid: From the Deep Blue Sea to the Great White Way, by Michael Lassell (I’m a sucker for behind-the-scenes books of any sort, and especially Broadway)

A Diary of Private Prayer, by John Baillie (I’m so excited to start this little devotional of morning and evening prayers)

Same Kind of Different as Me: A Modern-Day Slave, and International Art Dealer, and the unlikely Woman who Bound Them Together, by Ron Hall and Denver Moore (I actually just finished reading this, and oh my is it a great and beautiful story of God’s real, vibrant, and life-changing love moving through people and a city)

Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes: Cultural Studies in the Gospel, by Kenneth Bailey (I’ve actually had this a while, but it’s a huge book and I’ve only read parts of it.  But the insights he gives to the Greek or Hebrew words and cultural traditions take me so much deeper into the Gospels)

Counseling Through the Bible Handbook, by June Hunt

Paperdoll: What happens when an ordinary girl meets an extraordinary God, by Natalie Lloyd (I think this book was sent to us at Bloom! to consider reviewing.  Anyway, it looked interesting, and the cover was pink, so I borrowed it)

A Severe Mercy, by Sheldon Vanauken (also borrowed from Jessina – because she keeps telling me how amazing it is)

Praise & Worship: Easy Piano – I don’t think this counts as a book, but it’s one of my very favorite Christmas presents.  I’ve been wanting a worship songbook for awhile, as I love to slip down to the supposedly “soundproof” piano practice room in my dorm and sing at the top of my lungs.  And you can never, ever have too many songbooks.  And this has some of my very favorite songs.

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