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December 30, 2009 at 8:04 pm Leave a comment

Five things that are making me smile right now:

*New rainboots!  I love the cuteness of rain boots, and it seems that most girls at college have a fun pair that brighten up gloomy days.  My all-purpose, heavy-duty traction boots only come up to my ankles, anyway, which can make for some soaked pant legs when it pours.  So these are my brand-new Christmas rain boots! 

Wouldn’t know I got them in the kiddie section, would you?  I love the 60 adorable Target rain boots, but all the reviews I read said they ran two sizes too big and cracked after three months.  And the smallest size is a six.  And I am a five.  So there went that idea.  My sister suggested I look online in the kiddie sections, and so the boots above are courtesy of LLBean kids.  (I almost got the froggie boots.  But not quite). 

* Wearing a new, very girlie, and very cute bow headband

* Thinking about my little word for 2010

* Anticipating the official launch of Tim Challies’ new blog, 10 Million Words.  His goal for the New Year?  Read  – and review – every New York Times non-fiction bestseller of the year.  Every one.  He writes awesome reviews, so I’m looking forward to getting a peek into some of the books with him.

* Thinking about how I want to change my blog banner.  I think it’s super cute.  But the words at least don’t reflect the blog anymore.  So I fully intend to mix things up a bit and create something fun while I have photoshop on my home computer.  Along with all the other things I “fully intend” to do over break, like write lots of letters, read tons of books, learn to play the guitar, scrapbook and stamp lots of cards…apparently, I’m under the delusion that Christmas break is as long as summer break.


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