An Adventure

November 18, 2009 at 5:37 am 3 comments

“I’m sick of studying,” Roomie announced last night, slamming her biology book to the floor.  “I wanna do something.”

“I want to do something fun and crazy,” I agreed.  “Crazy as in wacky-adventures-you-only-have-in-college crazy.”

She agreed.  Except she kept vetoing my ideas.  Play on the on-campus kiddie playground in the dark?  That required too much work to get to.  Getting up at 3 a.m. to watch the meteor shower with some friends?  Nah.  (I was in full agreement on that one).

Finally, we just grabbed our coats and camera and bolted.  We didn’t know what we were doing or where we were going, but we were getting giddy from the the prospect of a soon-to-be-break, and we just couldn’t handle studying anymore.

We didn’t do anything too fantastic.  I was going to climb a tree, but she scared me out of it by telling me there were squirrels in the tree.  So we ran around a few buildings, explored floors of the HUB we’d never been on, took wacky pictures, and then came back at about 12:45 after seeing no meteors.  We then proceeded to talk with some friends hanging out in the lobby – and by talk, I mean collapse on chairs and laugh over nothing in particular, because it was late enough that we were all in a loopy mood.

Tonight, I went on another adventure.  The School of Theatre is performing the musical She Loves Me, and I went all by myself!  (None of my friends could make it – oh well!).  Somehow, even though I bought my ticket yesterday and there were only 4 tickets left – I wound up front and center.  Literally.  Front row, middle seat.  It was a little awkward, actually, but really fun.  For once, I wasn’t craning my neck to dodge the head of the tall kid in front of me.

And oh, the musical was darling.  And excellently put on.  And the lead girl, a musical theatre senior here, was actually in the National Touring cast of Hairspray three years ago.  Sheesh.  Can you say “talent”?  And it takes place in the 1930s, which means the dresses and wigs and coats and hats were dreamy.  And it takes place around Christmas, which was so fun and delightful.  It was simply wonderful.

And now, I really want to be a musical theatre major.

Don’t worry, this happens every time I see a show (or I’m in one), and I’ve wanted to be a musical theatre girl for about the last five years.  So I haven’t suddenly flipped or anything.  In a few days, I’ll come back down to earth and be sensible and like my PR major.  But why don’t the theatre clubs put on good shows so that I can actually be in one?  I mean the upcoming ones I know about – put on by clubs, not the theatre school, which will be doing Sunday in the Park with George – will be doing Hair and The Last Five Years. The first one is just….ummm….inappropriate?  And the second one is an off-Broadway show that is seriously depressing.  Or maybe I’m just not partial to shows built around a failed marriage.  Whatever.

But I come waltzing back from the show (literally), singing Vanilla Ice Cream, and proceed to take an online survey about anxiety and its effects and whatnot so I can get research subject credit for psychology.  Just asking questions about myself and how I generally feel and things like that.

First of all, it was a funny time to be filling out such a survey, because I had just come back from the aforementioned musical and I was feeling on top of the world.

Secondly, they kept asking me to rate how truthful statements were for me – things like, “When I feel my heart pounding, I worry that I’m going to have a heart attack.”

I promise you, that has never even occurred to me.  In my life.  I feel my heart pounding and I either laugh at myself for being nervous, or I hide under the blankets from whatever monster is scaring me.  I don’t think I’m going to die from a heart attack.  And they kept asking me questions in that vein, and I just kept laughing.  Sure, I get anxious and worried way more than I should have, but I really don’t worry that much.  (That was my older sister’s department.  Growing up, she worried enough for both of us, so I just let her worry about things and went on my merry way).  So it kept asking me how I felt when I felt panicked or threatened, or whether I felt that if bad things happened I could control it.

And honestly, I really don’t think about those things that much.  If ever.

Which is definitely a good thing.

And the survey gave me some good laughs.

And this has been an adventurous past few days, with more adventures coming up!

Can you believe it’s almost Thanksgiving, almost the start of the Christmas season, my very favorite time of year?  I’m so excited.

And I’ve been singing Christmas carols since October, of course, but now – well, it’s legit!  College Avenue even has twinkle lights strung around trees, and light-up snowflakes on the lamp posts.  It made me so happy.


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Bits & Pieces A week of Thanksgiving

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  • 1. Joanna  |  November 18, 2009 at 1:53 pm

    Dearie, oh how funny. You sound like me. ; D You should’ve climbed the tree, you goosie!


  • 2. Teacherperson  |  November 22, 2009 at 5:31 am

    Nathan saw that musical on its last night and said it was wonderful! I wish I had been able to see it. I highly recommend Sympathy Jones at the high school Sunday afternoon–what fun!!!

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    […] 10, 2009 a time of adventures.  Like when Kelly and I bolted to do nothing in particular at midnight.  Or when my bus broke down.  But yesterday’s officially tops them […]


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