Adventures of All Hallow’s Eve

November 2, 2009 at 2:11 am 1 comment

First of all, now that Halloween is officially so yesterday, it’s the Christmas season.  Welcome to the most wonderful time of the year!  Turn those speakers up!

I haven’t actually listened to Christmas music yet, but I’ve sure been singing it.  And my roomie’s resolve to wait until Thanksgiving has been worn down quite a bit, due to the aforementioned early snowfall and the fact that she wanted to watch Beauty and the Beast but found the Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Christmas videotape inside the box instead.  So she watched that instead, all of her own accord.  And is feeling slightly more Christmas-y. 

But back to yesterday’s events?

I haven’t done anything for Halloween for the last ten years or so; I don’t particularly celebrate it (beyond pumpkin carving!), but Navs and Cru were having fun events and I so wanted to dress up.  And my darling friend mailed me a costume, so of course I was going to dress up and wear it.  So I was very much looking forward to the day’s events.

I think Halloween on campus officially started on Thursday; the dining halls went all out in creepy decorations and Halloween-named dishes and spooky music and sound effects (which were actually laughable).  I was laughing that I was short and so could walk under all these hanging and swinging things while all the guys had to practically limbo with their trays to navigate the hall – and then I almost screamed at the stuffed owl glaring at me from above the silverware stack. 


I did laugh, though, when their version of “spooky music” was the ’60s “The Monster Mash”.  hehe! 

Friday was a usual Navigators meeting, although there was a costume contest.  People were very creative – three sophomores dressed as a shower caddy, with one being a razor, another a loofah, and a third bubbles; four sophomore girls dressed as the sophomore guys, with the result that two of those dressed as the girls; we had a banana in pajamas and Hermione and kids-on-a-rope.  (The on-campus daycare takes its kids everywhere by having them all hang onto a jump rope.  It’s adorable). 

And of course, the two MCs dressed as Kanye West and Taylor Swift.  It was pretty funny. 

After Navs, I agreed to go with a friend to a haunted house put on by the forensic science department; she’d been there the night before and promised me it wouldn’t be too creepy.  (I refused to go to the one put on by the theater department.  I might not have been able to sleep for days).  This one was funny; I spent the whole time laughing or screaming.  The “guide” talked so fast I missed the “scary” scenario (I think we were at a mental institute and a serial killer was on the loose, but I missed most of that, which made it significantly less scary), and I pushed Megan through the door first, since she’d been there before.  So whenever she screamed, I had a two-second warning that something was going to jump at me.  Like I said, I was laughing pretty much the whole time; and I was never scared, only startled.  Regardless, I screamed a full thirty seconds every time someone jumped at me. 

Saturday, Kelly and I were supposed to go to brunch in costume with two other girls, but they all bailed on me with the result that only I was dressed up for brunch.  Oh well.  Then last night I spent a long time making Kelly’s Tinkerbell costume; I’m very proud of it (both my idea and handiwork, thank you very much!)  It’s amazing what wrapping paper and tape can do. 

Then we went to the Cru party, which was pretty much a dance party, and it was fun.  Once we came back, still very much in my Disney mood, I pulled Kelly downstairs to the “sound-proof” practice piano rooms and sang out of my new Disney songbook.  And then we came back and gloried in the extra hour of life that we were going to use well in sleep.

And what was I?  Only my very favorite princess ever.

I’ve already done Cinderella, you see:


So this time…


With a dreamy, far-off look, and her nose stuck in a book: what a puzzle to the rest of us is Belle!

Disney never gets old.

Merry Christmas!


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