October 7, 2009 at 6:57 pm 5 comments

Back at home, I have a little penguin sticky note taped to my mirror bearing three words.




Know how those words are related?  It was part of an idea for the new year – the “little word 2009”.  Pick one word to characterize the way you want to live the new year. 

Knowing me, I picked three.

I still think those are pretty awesome words.  And now I think I need to put a Belle sticky on my mirror here at college to remind me of them more often.  I still want to grow in intentionality; to stop procrastinating and winging everything.  I still want to learn to embrace changes and transition instead of running or hiding.  And I still want to learn to be more enchantedwith the world.  This is from a quote about C.S. Lewis, commenting on his absolute “willingness to be enchanted” because he knew he deserved nothing and that everything he had was because of God’s great grace. 

It also goes along with my resolution of a few weeks ago to stop complaining.  And the more enchanted I am, the more I view things as a blessing than a bother or overlook the bothering things – the less I complain. 

Anyway, I can’t really say how much my year has been characterized by these words, but I’ve certainly remembered them more often.  If it’s possible to love words, I really do love them.  I might pick the same ones for next year.

But thinking about words last night (after the fifteen-minute coughing fit I had – my poor roommate puts up with so much!) made me think about words I want to characterize me.  One of those “describe me in one word” things.  Of course, I couldn’t think of just one – more like twenty million – but I did hit on a more unique word that I would love to embody. 


Isn’t that a fun word?  It just suggests creativity, fun, spunk, and cute all rolled into one.  Oh, my love affair with words.

Speaking of words, my next writing assignment is a narrative.  I’m excited – and, confession – a little bit nervous.  I’ve never had people actually grade my creative work before.  But I know it will be way more fun to write than the rhetorical analysis I slaved over all last week.  It’s so much easier to invent things and dialogue when you don’t know where you’re going with the paper.  Although I didn’t think my English teacher would appreciate my desperate explanation that I don’t know how a story, even a narrative, is going to end until it does – not after that talk about intentional structuring – so I may have to write my paper by Monday just so it matches the proposal.  We’ll see. 


One of my goals at college is to take advantage of the special opportunities one only gets at college.  Things like the cool Honors College Oxford Debate on the government bailout, or the guest visit/talk by senator Joe Wilson from VA, or the choral concert last Saturday, or the debate between Howard Dean and Karl Rove at the end of the month that I’m super excited about.  So, I’m trying.  And so far, lots of fun things have been going on! 

There’s a Broadway show playing for two nights this week, Avenue Q, and I’m excited they’re bringing Broadway shows here.  I would totally go see it, except that it’s not the kind of show I really want to see.  Please, please, please bring some really amazing shows here, Penn State?  (or, really amazing by my standards shows?)  Something tells me it may not happen anytime soon. 


I got a text from PSU informing me that high winds were a danger and two roads were closed.  Hmmm – no wonder I’ve been almost blown over a couple of times today.  I opted to eat lunch in the dining hall today instead of getting take-out: I wasn’t sure the box and I would make it back together! 

All the same, I’m off to stroll downtown for a bit.  Call me crazy!

fun & love,



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In which we faint The wheels on the bus

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  • 1. Jessina  |  October 7, 2009 at 8:12 pm

    A stroll downtown sounds so lovely (though if it’s as windy there as it is here, one would likely have frizzy hair when one returns :)). Anyways…I just wanted to let you know that I DO read your posts and enjoy them very much and am missing you and thinking about you this afternoon. Much love!

    P.S. For one of my essays for Wheaton–about my three core values–I’m considering using the words enchantment and intentionality/purposefulness for two of the values…but we shall see. They are good words, indeed. As is whimsical. 🙂

  • 2. Joanna  |  October 7, 2009 at 9:12 pm

    My dear, I loved your post (you know I always do). It was quite windy the other day when I was at a school and things kept flying into my eyes…hopefully that wasn’t the case with your walk.

    On another note, today is a lovely day and I’m getting over my sickness and cough. You poor thing! You get better, too, you hear?

    And no worries about your creative writing – you always do fabulous! Prayers for you are lots!

    Love! you!

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