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Lunch is a crazy time around here.  My schedule usually doesn’t match with others’ schedules, and so I often get take-out from the dining hall and slip back into my room to eat.  It’s lovely to relax and unwind a bit, and get a few precious moments of reading it.  Right now I’m reading A Circle of Quiet, memoir by Madeleine L’Engle, and it is so good.  I love her writing style, the thoughts she explores, her honesty.  It’s simply a quiet, refreshing book. 

But today was the special treat of going out to lunch: I went to Panera with the wonderfully sweet Mrs. Sellers and a new friend.  I feel so luxurious.  Starbucks girl-time yesterday with a girl from Cru Bible study, Panera lunch today?  I am lucky indeed.  And I even browsed a little used-book store and cafe; it was just so lovely and peaceful and fun.   

It also feels good to unwind right now; I studied like crazy for my psychology test yesterday and this morning, and it is finally done.  I’m so excited to get to the social and intellectual part of psychology now.  (Oh yes, and I think the test went well!)  So I have time to breathe now, to take time and admire my fishie.  Unfortunately Kevin and Lion didn’t make it till this morning when we were finally able to get a tank, but now Flippy has one so he should continue to thrive.  And we’ll get him some friends soon.  And he’s so cute.

I’m listening to my own personal serenade as Rachel practices her violin next door; she is such a good violinist (in the real orchestra here!), and I love hearing her play. 

So many people are camping out at Paternoville this week it’s crazy.  Almost 800 kids, I think?  For the uninitiated, Paternoville is camping out at the stadium before a big game so you get good seats.  I’m not entirely sure how it works, but this Saturday is the first “big” game of the season and everyone is hitting the ceiling with excitement.  To be quite honest, though, I really could care less what seats I have, as long as  I have seats.  I go for the crowd, remember?  But you’ll probably find me doing Paternoville at some point over the next four years – again, for the atmosphere.  I love being a part of excitement.  But for right now, I’m quite happy in my own cozy bed. 

On a sadder note, a recent tragedy here on campus (a student who had been drinking fell to his death on Sunday) has really had me thinking.  It’s sobered us all, I think, but something like this really reminds you that death isn’t reserved for those over 90.  And so I was thinking about a question one of my Bible study leaders asked a few weeks ago, before all this happened: If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, would it change how you live today?

It’s been asked a lot.  And maybe I think about it for fifteen minutes, and then forget for the next two years.  But now I’m pondering it again.  One of the first things that popped into my mind a few days ago was I would stop complaining.  And I’ve been trying to remind myself of that – really, what in the world do I have to complain about?  Why am I grumping?  This is not the person I want to be.  I want to be spilling over with love, joy, and hope.  And does complaining send that message?  All it does is bring others down with me.  It’s so stupid.

So forgive me for my complaints.  Kindly kick me or lecture me or whatever the next time I forget and start fussing.  I pray God will overwhelm me every day with knowledge of His mercy, and grace, and love instead.

And now I am off to celebrate the rest of this beautiful day!  I hear I have a package to pick up…and then my fun poli sci class…and I have some homework to do and letters to write, and then maybe Cru tonight or the Oxford debate with Dean Brady, or both! 

And Flippy says hi.

love & grace,


And random note?  I almost got run over by a chipmunk yesterday.  Seriously.  That thing was charging my foot, although I kind of shrieked (of course) and jumped in time.  I have never had that happen before…

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