This Post Brought to You By the University Libraries

September 21, 2009 at 3:49 pm Leave a comment

Well, kinda. 

Last week my fun communications seminar class took a field trip to the Library Open House.  May I say that this is a brilliant idea by PSU?  They lure students in with prizes (or requirements from classes), and have them run around and learn a little bit about how the library works.  (Okay, maybe it did make me feel like a 5th grader again.  But I got blue and white bead necklaces, among other things, to complete my game day outfit.  So it’s all good). 

I discovered, for example, that there is an entire wing of the library I didn’t know existed.  I learned about some of their awesome rooms and sections, like the media tech display (which I also didn’t know existed).  And I found out that there is a movie about the Collegian, our student newspaper.  I am so going to watch that.

We saw the library decked out in festivities to welcome us, and took the aforementioned tour of the stacks.  Perhaps that was useful: we were told which ancient elevators to avoid, and how to read the decimal numbering system.  And I also determined that I am not going there on my own.  Of course,  I have three years until I need to find obscure books for my senior thesis, so I suppose in that time frame I could take Personal Defense and Not Getting Lost in the Library Labyrinth classes.  Or I’ll just stick to the “help!” button. 

The one disappointing thing was that although you could win all sorts of fantastic grand prizes (free laptop!  free textbooks for a semester!), you couldn’t automatically enter in all of them.  And for a decision-challenged person such as I, it was not fun to hastily decide which would be most useful and which I would have the most chance to win.  Although that little point doesn’t really matter, because I didn’t win anyway.   

I should probably share more Penn State highlights with you soon – like my first football game, and getting thrown in the air and all that.  But for now, I’m going to go check on Kevin, Flippy, and Lion.  (and my laundry!)

grace & peace,


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