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July 7, 2009 at 7:46 pm Leave a comment

So much for the blog revival, eh?

I confess I’m not too sure what to do with this blog.  If I keep it, the nature will change as I won’t be doing as much research as I did this past year.  But I love the looks of the blog, and don’t want to get rid of it. 

So we’ll see what happens to it.

Anyway, a few tidbits of my life recently ~

* I love the Big State University I’ll be attending in the fall for sending me my AP scores a good two weeks before I can expect them back from Collegeboard.  (Under the guise of telling me new credits that will transfer – which informs me I’ve passed the dreaded Spanish exam.  Yay!)

* I have season football tickets to homegames for the Big State University.  I’m excited, even though I don’t like football that much.

* The online Driver’s Ed course I’m taking decided it needed to sober kids up about driving.  Good.  Give them a little bit of a healthy fear that they are operating a dangerous vehicle.  Good.  Except the video they showed spared no pain and no blood.  It was a little nauseating, and I wound up leaving it minimized on the bottom of my screen while it played, cuz I just couldn’t handle all those mangled bodies.  (“Healthy fear” is now verging on paranoia for poor me, and I have my first driving lesson in two days!  Yikes)

* I’ve been dabbling in a ton of different books lately – Getting the Best out of College; Northanger Abbey; The Story Girl; One Writer’s Beginnings (a memoir by author Eudora Welty); A Man Called Peter; Don’t Waste Your Life; Made to Stick; and Where’s God When it Hurts?  They are all quite excellent.  The last one – by Philip Yancey – is especially amazing.  He asks difficult and probing questions, but it looks like he finds some good answers.  I’ll let you know more of what I think after I’ve finished it! 

All the books are good, actually, although I didn’t enjoy Northanger Abbey all that much.  It was way too predictable, but okay nonetheless.  (My favorite Austen is still Persuasion).  And I’ve got a list a mile long of books I want to read!  Oh, and I’m supposed to read The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri for college.   I should probably get a start on that sometime soon.

* I’m fiddling around with blog design a bit, too – not this blog, but the other one,  But I don’t know if I like anything yet.  (And I’m experimenting on a dummy blog, not the real one…so you won’t see changes for a while yet).

* I don’t know what I think about Palin’s resignation yet, beyond the fact that it’s maybe a bit bizarre.

And those are the varied bits & pieces that are making up my life…

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