Why Did Obama Win?

November 8, 2008 at 3:39 am 1 comment

So I’m going to join the post-election-day-speculation-hype.  There isn’t too much speculation required, but it’s fun to analyze the polls and the analysts and, right, the candidates themselves.

So why did Barack Obama win? 

Firstly, everything favored him from the very beginning.  This election made sure that the Democrat nominee would have an easier time claiming the White House than a Republican (although things might have changed had Hillary been nominated), and the fact that he is handsome, articulate, black, and promised change made it even easier.  (I’m of the belief that his race worked for him in many regards).  An unpopular president, unpopular war, and then unpopular economy might have been too much for any Republican to overcome.  Rightly or wrongly, the incumbent party is blamed for everything people dislike, so voters decided they were ready for change.

Never mind that Obama rarely explained exactly what change he would bring; his oratory transfixed everyone as he talked.  He was popular, something our current president is not.

Secondly, he ran a smooth campaign.  (Although, as McCain pointed out in June, the winner always runs the smoothest and best campaigns, wherease everyone says the loser’s campaign was simply falling apart in every direction).  He handled the press and media well; the media was forgiving of Biden’s many gaffes, and Obama was able to connect with the majority of voters.

On the other hand, the economic crises came at a terrible time for John McCain’s candidacy.  His weakest issue completely overshadowed his strongest, military and foreign policy.  Economic crises tend to play into the hands of Democrats anyway, and the suspension of his campaign hurt him further. 

Finally, McCain’s campaign hurt because he was not a true conservative.  His history of crossing party lines and liberal economic stances have not gone over well with Republicans, and even though Sarah Palin was a big boost, it still was not enough.  The choices on the ballot seemed to be more “Democrat” and “Democrat Light” or “Half & Half”.  If you can get a light version, why not just go ahead and elect the real thing?  Which, it turns out, people did.


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  • 1. Lindsey  |  November 9, 2008 at 12:25 am

    Good post!
    I like your blog a lot! It’s very interesting!


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