Is Bad News Good for Obama?

October 18, 2008 at 10:17 pm Leave a comment

   Bad news is all over the headlines.  Stocks are dropping, situations are blown out of proportion to become crises, and all kinds of other depressing stories are making news.  But could bad news be good news for Barack Obama?  Answer: yes.

      Bad news points to the need for Obama’s change.  It’s a tangible reminder that the Bush Administration has done everything wrong, which encourages people to blame all problems on the incumbent party and boot them out of office. 

      Bad news keeps the focus off Obama.  Obama struggles (as evidenced by the primary elections) when the focus is on himself and his character instead of his plans and promises.

      Bad news means problems.  Obama’s been painting himself as a healer, and will heal and save our poor struggling little country from…everything.  The more problems, the better, because the more he can rescue.

      Problems require a solution.  Democrats have one answer for everything: Government Intervention.  If there is a problem, that means it is the government’s job to fix it.  The government will intervene in the economy, it will nationalize health care, it will promise this and fix that.  No participation from the people required. 

      McCain may not be truly conservative on the “limited government” stance, but he’s way more conservative than Obama.  As such, most of his solutions will be telling the government to get out of the way and stop micromanaging everyone’s lives.  Sometimes that doesn’t seem like much of a quick-fix solution.  The more bad news hits the headlines, the more it kindles the anger towards the incumbent party. This will naturally boost Obama’s votes, but if he can also promise to expand the government to heal everything, so much the better. 

      Or at least, until people are reminded that the more government fixes the worse it gets. 


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